What you need to know

  • NVIDIA GeForce NOW is NVIDIA's game streaming service, currently in beta for PC.
  • NVIDIA has announced that GeForce NOW is coming to Android mobile devices.
  • Additionally, RTX servers are beginning to roll out, with users in California and Germany the first to try them out.
  • The NVIDIA SHIELD TV is currently $189 on Amazon.

Today, NVIDIA announced some exciting news regarding their game streaming service: NVIDIA GeForce NOW is coming to Android devices. More detail will be coming soon but the announcement states that it will be supported on top-tier Android phones "including flagship devices from LG and Samsung." There's no release window for when it's coming but the app will launch in beta, like on PC.

Additionally, RTX servers are being added, rolling out first for users in Germany and in California, U.S. This means that games streamed will be able to take advantage of RTX hardware features, like raytracing. There are over 500 games now supported by NVIDIA GeForce Now, with more coming in the future. Games in the library can also be downloaded on local PC hardware, so you'll have access to your games on PC without streaming as well.

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If you're interested in trying out the NVIDIA GeForce NOW public beta, you can sign up on the official site right here. You can also just purchase an NVIDIA Shield if you want a streaming hub, as it includes access to the beta.

PC Game Streaming


4K HDR through streaming

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV gaming edition is the perfect hub for streaming your PC gaming - with 4K HDR quality kept intact. It also comes with beta access to GeForce Now so you can dive in on that right away.

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