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The Note 10 runs Android even if Samsung doesn't want to admit it

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

The Galaxy Note 10 event was a weird one, even by Samsung standards. Most of it was weird in a good way — not rambling on about the CPU model or other specs that most people don't care about and instead showing off really cool things like S Pen wireless controls is a good example — but there were some puzzling moments, too. No mention that Bixby has co-opted the power button, or that the Gear VR was killed come to mind, but the thing that had me scratching my head the most was that Samsung didn't bother to mention that the Note 10 was Android-powered.

There was a time when that was a pretty big selling point (and one could argue that it still would be if done correctly) but it's apparent that Samsung feels like it's time to stand on its own and not talk about the software that powers the latest and greatest phone we should be buying. That's both a smart and stupid decision in my opinion.

Millions of apps

Try as it might, Samsung has no ecosystem on the software side. The company may make the best damn hardware you'll ever find when it comes to mobile, but outside of the handful of Galaxy features it has kept in its own version of Android it has to depend on Google to fill in the big holes through the Play Store. That's smart — Samsung focuses on things that make you want to buy a Galaxy phone and lets Google take care of app distribution until it can get the developer of every app you want to build them out for its own software store.

A Note 10 is still only as good as the apps it can run.

The thing is, Samsung knows it couldn't compete with Apple or Huawei if it had no access to those millions of apps. Like it or not, a smartphone lives and dies by being able to run the latest cool app that all your friends are talking about. In the past, Samsung made sure we all knew it had access to those apps because it's a major selling point. With the Note 10, it wasn't used as a selling point. I think it should have been, and should be every time. A Note 10 is still only as good as the apps it can run.

Features you won't get to see

The smart reason to not mention Android is that it doesn't bring to light how long it will take Samsung to incorporate the new features Google has cooked up for Android Q and beyond. Tossing out all the gimmicks that Google will forget about usually leaves us with one or two must-have features that every phone manufacturer will implement when it updates the phones it sells. Android Pie's method of capturing a live video stream from multiple cameras is a great example because without it we don't get cool shit like a DepthVision camera. Android Q's permission and privacy changes will also be one of those features that Samsung will be using when it updates the Note 10's software. In 13 months.

The Note 10 will eventually give you that killer Android Q feature you really want. The opposite isn't true.

By not pointing out that the Note 10 is a full year behind the coming Pixel 4 — that Google "strategically" leak-announced as we ramped up for Unpacked — Samsung doesn't need to address why it takes so long to give those features to you. Instead, it can tell you about its own unique features that you'll love as much or more than anything Google has to offer. If you're reading this, there is a good chance you understand why Samsung can't just wave a magic wand and update every phone to Android Q once it's released, but the millions of people seeing Note 10 commercials or looking at them in a store might not be as Android-savvy.


One last thing I can think of when I ask myself why Samsung didn't mention Android is that it doesn't set the company apart from its competition. Tech press and commercials would like you to think that Samsung and Apple are in some epic cut-throat battle over users each and every release, but in the real world, people who use one end up sticking with it. Samsung's real competition is Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo and those companies all use Android to power their phones.

The P30 Pro and Note 10 both use the exact same Play Store and Google Services package.

This gives the Note 10 and something like the Huawei P30 Pro the same playing field when it comes to apps and services, and no company wants to show off a level playing field with the competition. Bringing Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella onstage to showcase Samsung's unique partnership is something that Huawei or Oppo can't do, and seeing it makes an impact that a slide showing the number of apps in Google Play or easy access to Google Drive can't. That's something that tech press and CNBC will talk about and hopefully, you will, too.

What does this mean?

Take anything that you've read saying how Samsung is planning to abandon Google and Android and find a way to print it out so you can line a birdcage with it — it's garbage. Samsung needs Google the same way Huawei does and the same way Google needs Samsung. These two companies bend over backward to make each other happy and profitable because they work in tandem; when Samsung makes lots of money, Google makes lots of money, and vice-versa. They are figuratively joined at the hip.

Google and Samsung are joined at the hip, like it or not.

Samsung took an hour or so to tell us all the cool shit the Note 10 could do while glossing over the company's relationship with Google and the shortcomings the phones have. That's the smart play if it wants you to think about buying one. Samsung is pretty good at this whole selling phones thing and if this didn't work the way it had planned, next year we'll see something different. This was just a company not afraid to try anything giving something new a try, and I have a feeling it isn't going to hurt them one tiny bit.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • The subheading has an error. It should be "its" instead of "it's."
  • What a pointless dumb article. I wish I could get the minute of my life back from reading this..
  • Very typical Jerry H article. He should just make Google is middle name. I pretty much discount everything he writes. I have not heard him say anything critical about Google. Even when a Pixel phone has a flaw, he always ignores the flaw or give some glib reason on why we should not worry about the issue. As for Samsung not mentioning Android in the Note 10 release I think that is pretty silly. Everyone is very aware that Samsung phones run Android. I was using features like split screen apps on my Notes for years before Google updated Android. Don't get me wrong. I do agree with his main point. Samsung is pitifully slow on providing updates. Samsung should have given a firm timetable for the Note 10's getting Android Q. +
  • Thanks for the read
  • Interesting article. I have a Galaxy S8 which I like, with the exception that I can't disable Bixby! Samsung really needs to rethink their decision not to allow folks to completely turn off/disable Bixby.
  • I completely disabled Bixby with instructions that are easily found all over the Internet. It's a few commands from the adb shell. It took 10 minutes to be rid of that abomination. :)
  • You can disable bixby 100% with an app called BK Disabler (search for and disable any app/service), and you don't need root.
  • I love Bixby. I cant figure out why so many hate it.
  • It's Samsung's ridiculous excuse for a digital assistant.
  • You need to compare it to SIRI not GA. Why do people not get this? It's competition is SIRI!
  • Bixby is a joke, Google Assistant and even Siri are better. End of.
  • The first thing I did on my Note 8 two years ago was disable Bixby. My daughter has an S8 and disabled Bixby and my son has it disabled on his S9+.
  • Anyone else in the family? What's your wife running these days?
  • My Wife has a work S7 that she does not feel any need to change, and is pre Bixby. My oldest Daughter has a Motorola. My Views are probably biased since I don't like voice assistants. My Son uses Google all the time.
  • Samsung should study what happened to BB10 and it's lack of App developers before trying to have their own operating system. They should concentrate on what they excel in and leave the rest to someone else.
  • Tbh the note is different to say the galaxy s. Galaxy phones are the cool ones the kids get the note is business use hence why Microsoft team up with them on stage. Also there is nothing out there to rival the note which dose not help things
  • Did you Watch the event? That's not the case. According to Samsung it's a tool for creators and a games console.
  • That doesn't mean he's wrong. It' a given it's a business device.
  • I don't keep up with the latest phones and I may be having a dumb attack right now but I don't understand this story...what OS does the Note 10 run? I just assumed all Samsung's latest and greatest run latest android. Can someone clarify for me?
  • It runs Android 9.0 but they downplay the OS because even with beta after beta of Q they still can't release a Note with the current years version of Android. Same old story. Nothing new.
  • How are they supposed to when the note comes out before the release of every new Android??
  • They are obviously just not utilizing the Klingon warbird they have in the back warehouse
  • Wow, that was awesome!
  • What version are they suppose to release on a phone in August? They can't release a version that does not exist. Q is still a beta product. That said, there is zero reason other than laziness that Samsung could not release Q for the Note 10 within 30 days of Q being released. If they had announced that last week it would have been the biggest headline in the release. The biggest challenge Samsung has right now is not Google or Apple. The challenge is to get people to want to spend money on new phones. The smartphone market declined by 23% in the USA in the last year. Every company has felt this effect. Many people are happy to use 2, 3 and 4 year old phones and save money on their phone plans. I updated my Note 4 last year only because support had ended for security updates. Performance wise the phone was great. Many people just don't care if they don't get updates. They just want to save money. Phones are becoming like PCs. I have a ten year old PC that my family uses. The only reason I upgraded to a new machine when we moved 3 years ago was my wife needed the machine to work from home. Both machines are in active use in the home and MS office runs just as well on the old machine as the new machine. My phone editing is the same. Maybe if I was doing 4K video editing I would not use the older machine, but I am not. Same is true with phones. I don't get all of these new performance numbers. My 5 year old Note worked just as great for my day to day tasks as my current Note 8. I don't play games so maybe that might make a difference for others.
  • "I updated my Note 4 last year only because support had ended for security updates". This is the same reason I updated my LG V20 to an LG G8 back in May 2019, security updates ended in November 2018 for the V20. I would've waited to update to a Galaxy Note (I've been an S-Pen user since 2011) but the G8 at $310 from T-Mobile was too good to pass up. Since I tend to upgrade my devices now based on the end of support for security updates, my next upgrade will happen in 2022. Hopefully it will be to the 5G Galaxy Note 13 i.e if the Note line still exist at that time or a Pixel 7.
  • Samsung is powered by Android but is also smart to differentiate itself not just for marketing but also possesses an option to abandon the OS when and if forced to. All the world's connected smart devices run on American OSes, which could potentially be taken away anytime with the signature of one man - the President of the United States, if he or she doesn't like you. Like Huawei's Hong Meng (or Harmony), Tizen is the OS that Samsung wish it would never have to use, but every wise company must have a plan B.
  • This is the dumbest article that I've read on AC. We have most of the drivel that Andrew writes and then there's this. Note 10 is 1 year behind Pixel Android Q killer Absolute Garbage. SMH
  • You obviously missed all the AmazonBasics microwave articles
  • Lol. I don't come here often anymore, maybe once or twice a month, because of all the Google/Pixel jerking. Based on the lack of comments in most articles, it seems like other people aren't either (maybe).
  • Same, I come to the forums, but not the main page. Way too many articles that don't have any tie to Android. Many that do are way too pro Google biased. Feels more like an 19th century newspaper where there no difference between opinion and reporting. I don't mind opinion pieces - but they should be labeled as an Opinion article. This article would have been fine if Jerry has said this was his personal commentary or an AC Opinion.
  • And you're way too Samsung biased, so it goes both ways, I'll happily admit I don't like Android skins and will only buy a Pixel or Android One phone.
  • I guess you wanna cookie?
  • It seems like Samsung has been trying to distance themselves from Google for sometime now (back to the days of Tizen). This event is probably as close to leaving Google out of the Samsung discussion as they will ever get. I do think what they are doing is smart as it creates an extra level of separation between Samsung & the rest of the glass + metal slabs running Android in the world. Now Samsung can say that if you love Google & Android that is fine we are built on Android. However, if you are a productivity minded professional that is in the Microsoft world we have you completely covered as well. Thanks to our unique partnership that no other device maker has with Microsoft. Ultimately the biggest beneficiary of Samsung's Note 10 announcement is Microsoft. While Microsoft has done an excellent job of making their software and services available to everyone on any platform they still lack a true mobile platform. This partnership effectively makes Samsung mobile devices the premiere platform for Microsoft and gives them a seat at the table. Sure, they are still running on Android but the nature of Android lets them swap out virtually any bit of the platform provided Samsung is a long for the ride. I wouldn't be surprised to see future swaps such as Bixby for Cortana or the fusing of a Continuum-like Windows dockable desktop environment in place of DeX (the forth coming LiteOS platform seems ideal). Even if they are just optional components on a device made for Microsoft by Samsung. This is Microsoft doing mobile right and not the disaster that was Nokia and Windows Phone (though I did love Windows Phone). No need to be invested in development of the OS or the hardware. Just build an amazing platform, services, and apps and fuse them with Samsung's devices (while still being available on any other Android or iOS based device).
  • You hit right on the head. Less focus on Google and harware; more focus on productivity and solutions/partnerships that add value to differentiate. Eventually everyone will run the same OS and specs then what? Sammsungs direction is the best for consumers and business.
  • Not really. It doesn't offer much more than you already get using Microsoft's apps. Samsung Notes is still trash co.oared to OneNote, so I still fail to see why anyone would care about it just use OneNote, FFS. OneDrive in gallery was in earlier HTC phones. Issue is the Carriers tend to remove this stuff. So expect it to be gone when the phone launches on carriers. Microsoft needs a Samsung device launch with Galaxy Apps and Microsoft services in place of Google's. maybe try with a mid range device first, in a relatively small region. Though it will be de facto planned on sites like this. So maybe not worth it, anyways.
  • I think over time you will see more Microsoft replacing Samsungs crappy native and Google apps. But Samsung is offering OS level integration with some Microsoft functionality that won't be ripped out by carriers so that is a step in the right direction. I'd expect them to build on this going forward so it may not be all there today but it's a big step forward for Microsoft and Samsung.
  • Interesting perspective. OneNote and SPen handwriting is a major factory in my productivity. I have been using Notes devices for over six years with OneNote. I take notes in my meeting with the SPen. The handwriting recognition is great. OneNote syncs the notes to my PC and tablets. When I get back to the office I can easily assign tasks through Exchange to my team based on my Notes. I can also share the key OneNote pages. Over the past two years I have incorporated SharePoint and over the last few months MS Teams to this process. I love the integration and productivity provided in this process.
  • Aye but if it wasn't for Samsung, Andoid would not be what it is today!! S2 was the one that brought Android to the masses. Fact!
  • Another title could say: Without Samsung Android would be nothing even if Google doesn't want to admit it..
  • Exactly this, but then again most people don't want to admit that.
  • Nope. If Samsung were to drop Android completely for Tizen then people would go back to buying Sony, LG etc phones and the Pixel would increase sales.
  • Not at all. Only tech smart people understand the difference between Android and iOS. Regular consumers just by Apple or Samsung phones. It wouldn't matter if Samsung had tizen os it would still outsell pixels and others by the millions. Look at Galaxy watches they run tizen and are better than Android Wear and sell more than any Android smart watch.
  • Are you replying to me? I never know as I never receive any notification of replies here or on WC.
  • Yeah I was replying to you..
  • May I ask if you receive a notification on the desktop when someone replies to you.
  • You will with the Note 10!
  • Normal people would understand when their apps weren't available. Same reason BB10 and Windows Mobile failed. You're 100% wrong. Samsung is more dependent on Google than the opposite. Google can also shut down apps from accessing their services, as they did on Windows Phone - and some services simply don't have an APIs available to enable third party alternatives, like Duo and Photos (afaict). And then there are content purchases on services like Google Music, Books, and Movies & TV. Few consumers will even want to own or use a phone without a YouTube app. Google had taken measures to harden its ecosystem against this. Amazon also is t likely to rush to support it, either (Kindle, Audible, Prime Video, Twitch). Unless Samsung cuts Microsoft a deal and allows then to be the "Google of Tizen," I don't see them running to it, either.
  • Google wouldn't shut down apps from Samsung if they decide to go with tizen cause they would lose way to much money. They would be the first to want Google apps working on Samsung's devices. YouTube could still be accessed view the web so that wouldn't be a deal breaker for many. Pixels are not flying off the shelves and they never will.
  • Google can do whatever it wants because without Google and Android, your beloved Samsuck would still be an also ran. Team Stock Android, Android One and Pixel for life! Keep your bloatware, unnecessary, inferior, ugly OneUI skin and gimmicky features like the S Pen. Pixels and Android One will always be the gold standard to me and my fellow stock Android purists
  • Wow it's beno lol There is no such thing as stock Android. Even Jerry wrote an article saying this..
  • Google's Android will always be stock Android to me, it's just Jerry's opinion that it isn't stock.
  • No. It's a fact it's not stock. You don't get to determine that
  • Accessing Google through the browser on a device with >= FHD display looks terrible, and some carriers limit streaming through the browser to 480p on a lot of their plans. That would totally turn people off. You also give up notifications. If you're a content creator, this would make the phone usable, and would also bias you against it when making reviews and recommendations. And there are a ton of other popular apps that likely wouldn't be ported over, cause developers simply dont like stretching themselves thin in that way. Best route is forking Android, replacing core Google services with Microsoft (Skype, OneDrive, Office, Bing, Maps, Cortana, PC Integration, etc.), but Google has the Android agreements rigged in their favor - so OEMs cannot currently do that without kicking themselves out of Android Alliance. Samsung App Store actually has a fair bit of Apps, but many are still dependent on Google services to run. They would still have major issues with co tent services, since Microsoft has shuttered Groove Music and their eBook store. They'd likely need to partner with Amazon for that. That starts to become quite fragmented at the service level, though, u less they proxy it through the Galaxy Store and your Samsung Account (the way Apple does with Audiobooks through iTunes).
  • Isn't this article repeated for every Samsung flagship release?
  • I totally get this is "android"central. And I even get this creates comments and anger and happiness and other emotions from many of the people who read it. I do find it odd that it seems like a rant. And Samsung has always had some love with Microsoft. Back in the original galaxy days the Verizon s1 used bing to search and not Google. Don't forget that the more options we as consumers have. The better off we are.
  • For the love of God please keep it peaceful and not personal.
  • Love the article! Thanks Que up the complaints about where's are Android Q for our phones after Pixel 4 release.
    Because you know they are coming.....
  • "Try as it might, Samsung has no ecosystem on the software side." Untrue. It's called the Galaxy Store and has a lot apps, themes, and Samsung-specific apps there.
  • It has an app store, but there is no ecosystem.
  • What is Tizen?
  • Yes they have the Galaxy store, but the app selection is minimal at best. They don't even have WhatsApp, that is a no go for much of the world. If they seriously stepped up app presence and made the store way to navigate they have a chance. They are also behind on updates compared to the play store
  • That line strikes me as rubbish as well. Samsung's app suite is one of the main reasons I have stuck with them over the years. Email, SPlanner (or Calendar), Reminders, SNote/Samsung Notes, Samsung Music, GoodLock, etc far outperform anything Google offers. Even Bixby serves my purposes well.
  • Apps from Google and Microsoft are significantly better than they were in 2012. Outlook - Gmail, Contacts, Calendars
    Office - Docs, Sheets, Slides
    To Do - Google Tasks, Keep Reminders
    OneDrive- Google Drive
    Google Photos
    Google Assistant - Cortana ... are all significantly better, now. OneNote is so superior to Samsung Notes, that there's no point in using Samsung's app, at all. It's literally useless by comparison, and more comparable to Google Keep - which offers better utility and service integration. The only apps from Samsung that are decent are: Internet (for Content Blockers)
    Their Video Player Bixby is useless and can't even play music from your local library. It only plays from Spotify. Lol... such bad developer choices in Samsung's software. You have to use Google Assistant to play from your local library. Ironic? There is sponsored content plastered across Bixby Home. Full screen Ads in Galaxy Apps. Notification Ads everywhere from Samsung Pay. In any case, their stock apps were a selling point more so in the earlier days than now - ironically, when their software (TouchWiz) had it's worse reputation.
  • There's no Samsuck app that compares with Google's superior apps, fanboy now deal with it, you Samsuck fanboys give Android a bad name.
  • I do think their email client is better than Gmail. Their Browser is better than Chrome as well. I'd use Microsoft Edge before Chrome... any day. Notes is better than Keep. My point was that Google apps have improved. I think Microsoft has better productivity apps than Google on mobile; and Google has better media apps. Which kind of aligns with how their services stack up. Google not having a legit desktop OS also makes Microsoft stuff more appealing. OneDrive and iCloud actually have good consumer desktop Sync. OneNote and Outlook/Office are far superior in a Desktop environment - especially offline. Edge actually has content blockers on mobile - and the web is unusable without one, IMO. This is also a big reason why I buy my eBooks and AudioBooks from Amazon instead of Google Play (aside from the fact that many simply are absent on Google Play and Apple Books). Chrome's simply isn't attractive, to me too many limitations, and Android apps don't cut it on the desktop (and DeX on Windows/macOS obsolete it for anyone with a laptop, anyways).
  • I don't like Microsoft apps , even on my laptop I use Chrome and for me, no other services are as good as Google's.
  • Office is definitely better than Docs. To do and OneNote are easily better than Tasks and Keep. Email, Contacts, and Calendar are comparable. Cloud storage is comparable. Skype is better than. Duo, and Messaging is dead at Google - cause carriers will sabotage RCS. Edge on Windows is good. The new version based on Chromium, even better. Microsoft has quite a few services that rival, especially when you factor in their desktop software which ties in at the service level. You don't have to live in a browser. Where Microsoft is weak, is in media content services. They're basically the opposite of Apple. I use all Microsoft services, except maps (which they sold off with Nokia, IIRC) and Cortana (I just use Bixby, cause I don't want all of my business in a disposable Google Account - and she's fine for my uses). I don't feel the urge to use any of Google's stuff, esp. When I'd have to subscribe to more storage - wasting money. They just aren't that attractive/good to me. But in glad you are happy with them...
  • How would you know if you never tried? Google fanboy much?
  • Someone needs a nap.......
  • Almost every phone that's not an iPhone run Android. Samsung, Nokia, LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, Palm, and Google are just some of the major brands that come to mind when the word "Android Phone" is mentioned. Samsung has no need to mention android at their keynotes, we know Samsung phones runs android. What Samsung does do is tell us what they have to offer and make us buy a Samsung phone over other android phones and the iPhone.
  • Exactly what I was going to say after reading this silly article. The writer is purely over-analyzing it. This isn't the early 2000's. Pretty much everyone knows Samsung runs on Android, so everything the article mentions is moot. The people buying a note 10 know it runs on Android, and know that they are over a year behind on Android versions. We are talking about a high end phone that costs around 1k. It's not some low budget phone you get for your grandpa. And as for the supposed awesome features Samsung develops, I'm still waiting for a good one to come out. Bixby is utter garbage and they keep pushing it further in our faces. I for one am done with Samsung to be honest. Their phones have gone to the crapper lately.
  • Doesn't matter what Samsuck do, I'll never buy their phones over a Pixel or Android One phone, I'd sooner buy an iPhone before I'll ever buy Samsung, that's how much I'm anti Samsung, I don't like Android skins and will always choose a Pixel or Android One phone over any Skinned MiUI and Samsung or any other Android skin.
  • Gawwwddd, you are annoying.
  • Ok! So stay close there, beno-ne. Not all is black and white and usually is better with colors.
  • Android skins just don't interest me along with the crap you have to disable or delete and the slow updates. No thanks, stock Android/Android One has all I need and don't need anything else.
  • ENjoy your gimped device little guy
  • Who cares? If you can't afford a decent phone that's ok! You stick with whatever you can find in your tiny little budget.
  • I've been going without a headphone jack on my iPhones for the last couple of years and it's not a big deal.
  • It's a lot more convenient to those of us who prefer to use wired headphones. I didn't know I'd miss it that much until it was gone.
  • Use the USB C port
  • I know this is irrelevant to your great article but I just wanted to let you know I enjoy your articles and your presence on the podcast. I appreciate your unencumbered opinion.
  • There is nothing wrong with this approach. 🤷‍♂️ It actually doesn't matter....
  • I hope they never go the Apple way. I hate that walled garden of Apple.
  • Only followers buy Samsung, thank goodness for Android One and Pixel Phones otherwise I'd have to go back to iPhone, that's how much I despise Samsung and all Android skins that aren't OnePlus. I'd still pick a pixel or Android One phone over even oneplus. Because I'm team Google and team stock Android.
  • Wow! Haven't seen you in a long time. How is your Pixel 3XL doing, and hope you're still burning the crazy-pixel-fanboy midnight oil.
  • I have a Android One theses days as j lost my Pixel 2 XL last year and I'm happy with but I've not ruled out getting the Pixel again, in fact I'll get the 3a, I won't be spending the ridiculous amount Google asks for it's flagship Pixels anymore, unless it's at a price that's right but I'm happy with my Nokia 8.1 which I still get a Google Pixel like experience with Android One anyway
  • That's fantastic. Enjoy.
  • You are repeating your google only statement all around here. Think about your world with only Google presence. What?
  • I never said I want to live in. World with only Google in it, I'm staring my preference for pure Google and Android, with no skin on top, no bloatware, no unnecessary apps and gimmick features, just pure Android as Google intended with fast updates.
  • Then do it. You're like that person in a conversation no one cares about so you have to yell and make childish noises for people to notice you. Now run along....
  • I'm happy my Android One device and after having used it I personally have no interest in Scumsung or any of it's handsets. Not that I ever really did... I find their phones to be overhyped and overpriced turds much like Applesuck and its craptacular garbage. I've tried out a variety of Scumsung handsets from their portfolio. I always find them awkward, with some headscratching designs and add-ons, a poor UI and an annoying Android skin... which makes for a less than compelling user experience. But I'm glad the Note 10 has an improved pen...I guess customers could use it to scratch their asses...or clean their ears with it... 🧐😜🤪
  • Your post wins comment of the day. That's exactly what think of Android skins too, I'll only go with Android One or Pixel phones. That's the beauty of Android, choice.
  • SOme people actually work for a living but that's ok. We don't mind paying for you and your family to live because you're broke and can't feed them
  • Ever since moving from the 6p to Samsung side of things(s8+, note9, note10+), I'm noticing how toxic the Android community has become. This is saddening. Started my Android journey with the g1, then htc Evo, then Evo lte then htc one m7, then Nexus 5 to Nexus 6p. I've been here for awhile but the way folks in this comment section speak on Samsung is the same way folks on the apple side speak on Android. Funny how times have changed.
  • Blame the Samsuck fanboys, they're as bad as Apple fanboys if not worse in my opinion.
  • Right now, the comments like yours from the Pixel/AO fanbois seem to be only the toxic ones in this thread. And that cannot be blamed on Samsung fanbois unfortunately. Stating the deficiencies in a phone or ecosystem is fine and expected here, but you act like Samsung killed your dog and you want to audition for John Wick 5. Bring it down a notch and you will be taken more seriously. :-)
  • My issue is with Samsung fanboys bashing stock Android (Google Pixels and Android One) asking like Samsung is so perfect, they're not, I respect what Samsung's done for Android, but I've never seen the appeal of their phones and while they make the best hardware, they don't make the best software to me, that's Google that makes the best software and timely updates and having a clean, bloatware free and pure Android experience is important to me and that meansno skins, unnecessary apps and gimmicky features, just pure Google and Android that's smooth, secure and up to date with timely security updates. Nobody else but Google can offer me that.
  • Awesome. That makes way more sense and sounds a whole lot better than Samsuck. I wanted a Pixel 4 for my DD, but I am stuck in a world where I need SD card support for my customers. I appreciate that Pixel has come a long way from the mess it was with the OG Pixel. Every phone has it's place I guess.
  • Oxygen OS > Stock Android. Fact!
  • Your opinion, stock Android > Oxygen OS even though I like Oxygen OS, but I like stock Android more, but the main rwaui won't buy OnePlus is that they're not consistent with their security updates like Nokia (on my 8.1), Google or Essential Phone and I don't like the look of Oxygen OS and the Pixel and Android One QuickStep launcher's are better looking to me. Yeah I know I can change it but I shouldn't have to and love fbe fact that on Android One or Pixel devices, Google gives me the option to save my app passwords, no third party Android skin offers me that and I won't change from Android One or Pixel as they work for me, o get mg updates quickly and love the clean and bloatware free UI of Android One and the Pixels so there's nothing any non Android One or Pixel OEM can do to sway me away and that includes OnePlus who's third party Android skin is the best of the rest.
  • beno-ne, still in rage for everything else but "pure Android" and Google only?
  • Yep, I'm anti Samsung and despise all Android skins that isn't a Pixel or Android One. At least I have choices albeit limited options though but Pixels and Android One phones suits me best.
  • Awww. Someone hurt your little feeling somewhere along the line. You need therapy you f*****g troll....
  • Are you listening to yourself little guy?
  • What is this "13 months" business for the update to Q to hit the Note 10? The update has always dropped to Samsung deices of the S and Note lines in the spring of the following year. For the past two years, Samsung has been running a public beta that started Nov/Dec running into Jan/Feb. A quick web search shows that published timelines had the official release Pie/OneUI scheduled for the January 2019 for the Note 9, S9/S9+; February 2019 for the Note 8, and March 2019 for S8/S8+. Pie was released to the general public (non beta) on August 6th of 2018. Even with the delays Samsung ran into after halting the final release, it did not take 13 months for the current and previous year's flagships to get it.
  • You will find no truth on AC, it is basically fake news.
  • Why the f should they announce it, if you haven't figured out that - your too stupid to own a phone or probably remember to breathe regularly. This author is equivalent to a bag of rocks
  • Lol! Your too stupid? It's you're, genius.
  • Yes, just give us the Bixby dongle and give it the headphone jack back.
  • Video Pro Mode still MIA on the Note 10. You can film with telephoto lens, which was an odd omission on the Note 9 after they separated the Photo and Video Modes. Never buying another Samsung again. They totally crippled my phone in one update, and removed literally every reason I got itover the iPhone XS. This is the first phone that actually got major features removed in a FW update, that I've ever owned. Shouldn't even be legal, as it preempts the reasons many people may have chosen to buy this expensive device. I should have just kept my iPhone 8+ Note 10+ doesn't feel like an upgrade, at all, over the Note 9, and the Note 10 is a clear practical downgrade. They also default to 4x5 on the home screen, which makes the screen look awful and low res at first glance (since many people attribute large icon sizes to low density screens). Camera cut out doesn't even sit center of the notification bar. Looks extreme u polished, and it's very noticable (to me). Primary and Telephoto cameras are almost I distinguishable in quality from the Note 9. I'd never use the Ultra wide. Front camera selfies looks largely similar to the Note 9 (I tested them side by side), and are still way worse than a Pixel or iPhone. Only upgrade is HDR10+ recording, which i dont care about unless it's a higher bitrate, Intra CODEC. Will just buy a Canon or Nikon DSLR this year. I have no trust in smartphones after the Note 9 experience.
  • "The Note 10 will eventually give you that killer Android Q feature you really want. The opposite isn't true". This simply isn't true there's been numerous times Samsung or even third party developers come out with a feature and then Google adds it in the software later on.
  • And they'll remove them in a firmware update. So better hope those 3rd party developers are on their game... Unless you want video with the telephoto lens, which Samsung blocks on the Note 9. You can buy a Note 10 to get it, though... They dont update system apps like the Camera app in any meaningful way. Anymore.
  • I think by this time it's just redundant to say samsung runs on android.. kind of a "what is understood need not be discussed " thing.
  • What a pointless article. Everyone knows Samsung phones run on Android. With Samsung's history they upgrade their flagships with the new release of Android in the beginning of the next year not in 13 months. Besides security features what features of Android Q will be missing? The full gestures? Samsung has already implemented full gestures before Q and has done a better job with it than Google's take.
  • And at least samsung gives you the option for either gestures or buttons! While i am not happy w everything samsung has done, i am still big on their phones, because the mix of google apps along w what samsung adds is what i like the best. I tried the gestures for a couple of days and went back to the buttons, just because i don't like them as much.
  • I think you're fairly naive, Jerry. Samsung's job is to sell a friggin Samsung device, not Google. It's a foregone conclusion that a Samsung phone will have Android OS, but not the other way around, hence why Samsung doesn't need to mention Android, yet Google might want to mention Samsung when listing devices that use it's software. Furthermore, if Samsung saw an opening to use strictly Tizen software, and it was lucrative, they'd do it, but they know their core smartphone business model dictates that they use Android OS.
  • Android isn't a single OS but rather a family of OSes linked by the CDD, in the same way UNIX is defined by a spec. Ergo, Samsung doesn't have to mention Android any more than Apple has to mention UNIX or FreeBSD (whose kernel it cribbed) during presentations.
  • Apple mentions UNIX, but I see your point.