Notch vs. hole punch display — which is better?

Holey Honor View 20
Holey Honor View 20 (Image credit: Android Central)

If there's one 2018 smartphone trend that'll go down in history, it'll likely be the infamous notch. 2018 is the year when manufacturers really jumped aboard the notch bandwagon, so much so that it was kind of difficult to buy a phone without one.

As we steadily make our way through 2019, it looks like the notch will be taking a backseat to the latest trend of hole punch displays. The Honor View 20 is one of the first phones to be released with this type of display, and in just a few short days, we're expecting Samsung to unveil its Galaxy S10 series with hole punch panels, too.

We've already debated this point back and forth a few times here on AC, but now we'd like to hear from our forum members. Which of these trends do you prefer?

I have mixed emotions about this also but I do know I would have preferred it on the top left or the middle but the middle would seem to much like a notch I have to see it in person before I can say I like it or not


Doesn't bother me as much as the curved screens do. Also much better than Apples giant notch, but would have preferred to see it in the center.


A total non-issue. Infinitely better than Apple's horrific notch. Actually kind of cool looking.


I also think that a notch makes more sense than a hole on the screen. At least with the notch there is some sort of symmetry so to speak. With the hole punch it's just there by itself and looks out of place. I do appreciate Samsung for trying something different but in this case it just seems to be different just to avoid the notch.


What say you? Do you like notches or hole punches better?

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