NordVPN unveils advisory team to improve security and privacy

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One of the world's best VPN providers is setting up an advisory team of independent experts to influence its product and commercial direction. NordVPN has announced that leading cybersecurity expert Troy Hunt, who founded Have I Been Pwned, is the first person to join its new advisory team.

In a media release, the Panama-headquartered VPN provider said it was "gathering a team of advisors to help it become a global leader for digital security."

The firm went on to explain that its advisors will "share their expertise and provide guidance on the company's security and commercial practices."

Tom Okman, co founder of NordSec (the parent company of NordVPN), said:

"We are very excited to greet Troy Hunt as an advisor. Our product family is growing rapidly, and we have ambitious plans ahead. That's why it's important to have a team of professionals who can support us by providing their expert insights and strategic advice."

While the company hasn't revealed the names of other advisers yet, it explained that members will come from areas like technology, digital security and academia. They "will provide strategic guidance and help shape the company's future by sharing unique perspectives, insights, and trends," it added.

Troy Hunt said in a statement that he is "impressed with NordVPN's product and their desire to engage with independent experts to drive further innovation."

He continued: "Their openness and transparency with the way they run their services combined with their vision for the future is a big part of what attracted me to the organisation. I'm looking forward to partnering with NordVPN and helping them do more for digital privacy."

The launch of an advisory team is the latest step NordVPN has taken to improve the privacy and security of its products. Its no logs policy has already been independently audited twice, and the company is a founder of industry best practices organisation VPN Trust Initiative.

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