Non-Sprint HTC EVO 3Ds getting their Ice Cream Sandwich update

If you're rocking an EVO 3D outside the United States, know this: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is heading your way right ... about ... now!

But what about Sprint? While the phones are mostly the same on the outside, you have to remember that the internals are different -- and the EVO 3D in the United States is controlled by Sprint, and not the magical GSM fairies from abroad. And that means it's not surprising that they're on different update guidelines. Same as if Sprint got the update before all the GSM rest-of-world models. One doesn't affect the other.

But any update is a good one. Hit the link below to see what all the fuss is about.

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  • What's funny is the Virgin mobile version have ICS out the box. lol
  • Well it's an entirely different phone on an entirely different network...... Oh wait it's the exact same thing. The problem I have with Sprint/HTC taking so long for updates is they seem to have deliberately waited until the EVO LTE gained some traction, but MOST people won't be able to upgrade for another year, so all you're doing is irritating people that have no real options other than buying a new phone at full price. And Sprint's new "early upgrade" option basically makes you pay full price. Considering you pay 225 for the new upgrade charge, then 200 for the phone you're already at 425. Now, consider you have to give back your old phone.. you lose about $150. So you're at 575 to upgrade a year early. You'd be better off buying the phone full price and then only having 1 year left on your upgrade cycle.
  • If you paid more then 150 for an early upgrade, I really want to know who helped you. As far as I've seen, the highest it goes is 150, really dunno where you are getting this 225 from. Also, the buyback program helps both the customer and is eco-friendly. I mean, you really can't expect to get over 100 dollars for the old Evo 4G in your pocket, phones lose value fast and most people know that. Seriously. Get your info straight from the source, not from someone else....
  • i hope this fixes all the software problems that this phone has. lately it has been incredibly painful to use my EVO 3D.
  • What problems have you been having? I have one and find that a restart fixes most of the problems that arise from heavy use
  • My Evo3D has been running ICS for weeks via MeanromICS.
  • 4G?..... ICS is a non-starter without it
  • I have been running CleanROM ICS RC2 for weeks, and it's buggy as hell. I tried MeanROM for a few hours, but it too is buggy, not to mention that it's missing a lot of the tweaks that CleanROM has.
  • What bugs plagued you in a few hours using MeanROM? I've been running each version as they have been released and have yet to have an issue. Did you properly wipe (via superwipe flash, not factory reset) before install? I believe CleanROM has leedroid tweaks baked in whereas MeanROM does not. It's flashable though. Everything works great and battery life is awesome.
  • I did a proper wipe before installing. The big bug I had was that my phone connection would drop every time I sent a text message; the little signal bars would turn into an "X"—kind of a show-stopper for me. Also, the camera tweaks—specifically HDR and the higher ISO—don't work at all. MeanROM doesn't really add a ton of features, and if the camera tweaks don't work, then there's no real reason to use it. So, I just went back to the comfort of CleanROM, which I'd been running for a while, and, though it has plenty of bugs, at least it doesn't reset the radio every time a text is sent. I just think that the Virgin leak everyone is basing the ICS ROMs on is a piece of junk. Much has been written on XDA about the problems people have had with it. The ROM cookers are polishing it as best they can, but it's still a turd. HTC needs to hurry the hell up and release a proper ROM for the Sprint users. It should have happened six months ago, and the fact that it came to Virgin first is a huge slap in the face.
  • Same here. Been running ICS with sense 4.0 for weeks now via Newts one S rom. They can take all the time they want. Love sense 4 BTW!!
  • What if they're taking all that time because they are putting sense 4.0 on it ? At the very least, they could be trying to differentiate the update like putting beats or something on it.
  • Dont see why they would take forever then because sense 4 has been out on the 3d for weeks now. Yea they have other projects to work on but so do the devs who have been working countless hours on there roms so thats no excuse. All I know is i dont really care about it because i have it and its wonderful...
  • 7-month old operating system comes to year old-phone... Unless you live in America. Sweet!
  • Thanks for being on the ball Sprint.
  • I have the HTC EVO 3D with Rogers in Canada and no luck for me. So basically if you live in the US or Canada you are screwed right now.
  • I can see both sides to this. One, Sprint is trying to hold back on an update for as long as they can to see if anyone really wants to try and get an early upgrade. Sprint is a business and they are in it to make the most money possible, not to please the tech savvy individuals who want the latest updates (we already root and load roms anyways so it doesn't matter when ICS or any update comes out). I constantly go from roms and stock and there is nothing wrong with stock for the average user. This makes sense from a business aspect. It works great! Two, the consumer should be getting the latest upgrades that come out on their devices if they are locked into a two year contract just to help with customer satisfaction. When people read ICS or any update is coming out for the exact phones in the UK or even on a prepaid network they get upset, and they should! Sprint is being greedy by sitting on updates just so they can get people to buy newer phones and it shows how sprint is being run. From a consumer standpoint this is extremely frustrating. Unfortunately for now this the downfall for android. Google is doing a great job keeping updates rolling out at a fast pace but carriers cant keep up or don't want to. Hopefully with later updates (jellybean or 5.0) it will be a cleaner process.
  • And now that Rogers Canada is receiving the ICS update for the Evo 3D, it makes Sprint the last company in the world to release this update. This is ridiculous.