Nokia X

Nokia has a software update pushing out for its Android powered Nokia X that among other things adds a little bit more Microsoft into the mix. Not a lot, but as part of the software version update OneDrive is now pre-installed onto the phone.

The Nokia X also receives a brand new Contact Transfer app that should help folks move their numbers across much easier, as well as an updated version of the Nokia Store and general performance and stability enhancements. Downloading can be done over-the-air and you'll need to head into Settings>About Phone>System Updates to snag it.

When I reviewed the Nokia X, I actually criticised the lack of Microsoft integration in the phone. In part because of the emphasis Stephen Elop placed upon it during the introduction at Mobile World Congress, and in part because it left the Nokia X feeling like a feature phone. OneDrive is only a small step forward – it was always available in the Store, anyway – but it's a start.

Source: Nokia