Back at MWC in February, HMD Global unveiled the Nokia 3310 – a throwback to the classic phone by the same name that first came out in 2000. The phone was originally announced with only support for 2G networks, but in September, HMD announced a 3G version with faster data speeds. That variant was already confirmed to work in the United States, and shortly following that announcement, the 3310 will officially be making its way to the States for immediate purchase.

Best Buy will be the official retailer for the Nokia 3310 in the U.S., and preorders are actually open starting today (October 23) if you want to hand over your dollars ASAP. The phone costs $59.99, and it'll launch on Sunday, October 29 in Azure, Charcoal, Warm Red, and Yellow.

You'll be able to use the 3310 on any GSM networks (including the likes of T-Mobile, AT&T, Cricket, MetroPCS, etc.), but if you were hoping to use it on a CDMA network such as Sprint or Verizon, you'll be out of luck.

Is the Nokia 3310 worth 60 bucks even with the 3G speeds? For most people, probably not. However, if you're a nostalgia finatic and want to get your hands on an updated piece of the past, this isn't the worst way to go.

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