No Man's Sky: Beyond is available for preorder on Amazon

No Man's Sky: Beyond in VR
No Man's Sky: Beyond in VR (Image credit: Hello Games)

What you need to know

  • The No Man's Sky: Beyond update brings lots of new features for the game, including PSVR support.
  • There's now an upcoming physical release for this game and all the updates upcoming on Amazon.
  • This also presents a stable price point, instead of having the game bounce around in price every week.
  • No Man's Sky: Beyond is available for preorder for $30 on Amazon.

For anyone who hasn't grabbed No Man's Sky yet but is interested in the new Beyond update, there's great news. A new physical listing for No Man's Sky: Beyond for PlayStation 4 is now available for preorder on Amazon. It's $30 and is currently set to release on September 10. It also comes with new packaging that indicates the PlayStation VR support.

Quite frankly, the best thing about this is the price not bouncing around anymore. Prior to this release, the price had ranged from around $15 to upwards of $40 depending on the exact day you checked Amazon. At least now, there's a dependable price.

No Man's Sky: Beyond brings full PlayStation VR support, allowing players to enjoy the soaring hights in VR and play alongside their friends, even if their friends aren't using VR. This free update also adds the ability to ride different creatures and use them as mounts, as well as a fully-functional logic system. For anyone who already has No Man's Sky, the update is out and available to download right now.

Samuel Tolbert

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