Hello Games announced during Sony's premiere State of Play livestream that the long-awaited PlayStation VR support for No Man's Sky will be releasing this summer! Soon, you'll be able to immerse yourself in its universe like never before.

What is No Man's Sky?

Where to even begin on this one. After a tumultuous—to put it mildly—development period and launch, No Man's Sky seems to have landed into people's good graces. Initially, No Man's Sky launched as a game that couldn't meet its own ambition and hype. Players are thrown into a procedurally-generated universe with over 18 quintillion planets (yes, that's not a typo), where they are then tasked with, well, doing whatever they please. No Man's Sky is built around exploration, survival, and combat. Each planet has its own ecosystem, alien lifeforms, and local flora and minerals that can be harvested to create new items for base building or sold for in-game currency.

Is it actually a good game now?

Yes! Despite what you may have heard around its initial release, No Man's Sky is actually good now. It even has proper multiplayer, expanded base-building mechanics, a new storyline, loads of new flora and fauna, and a better trade system. It's massive NEXT update that released last summer turned the ship around to make it a game people didn't need to be ashamed of for playing.

What content is releasing with the No Man's Sky Beyond expansion?

No Man's Sky Beyond is set to contain three major updates rolled into one larger release. Two of these remain unknown, but Hello Games has stated that the first update is No Man's Sky Online, a "radical new social and multiplayer experience which empowers players everywhere in the universe to meet and play together."

The description is vague at best for now, but expect Hello Games to detail it further as we near its launch. The studio does, however, promise that Beyond will be its most ambitious expansion yet, which are strong words after No Man's Sky NEXT blew people's expectations out of the water.

What PSVR support will it have?

Hello Games hasn't gone too deep into what its VR support will entail. Though its promotional trailer noted that it has a "PSVR mode included," studio head Sean Murray has promised full VR integration for the entire game, including retroactively enabling it for past expansions.

When can I play it?

No Man's Sky Beyond is set to release this summer as a free update, and with it will come PSVR support at that time as well. If you don't already own No Man's Sky you can pick it up for $60 digitally or you can opt for a $10 physical PS4 copy from GameStop. Yeah, we'd recommend the physical in this case.

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