Nintendo is poised to release its third mobile game after Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, but it will be slightly later than anticipated.

While Android users can expect the former in early March and the latter on February 2, a mobile version of the beloved Animal Crossing series will have to wait up to a year from now. The intensive upkeep of Super Mario Run and the anticipated maintenance of Fire Emblem forced the company to push back Animal Crossing's release.

Nintendo mentioned this during its Fiscal Q3 earnings call, noting that the company's $569 million (equivalent) net profit stemmed from successes in Pokemon Sun and Moon, Super Mario Maker on the Nintendo 3DS, and Super Mario Run, where it was downloaded "tens of millions of times" on iOS.

While Fire Emblem: Heroes, which marries a blend of tactical role-playing with more modern free-to-play elements, Animal Crossing a a far more relaxed, exploratory game where you create a village full of cute animals and companionable human friends. It's unclear when in the company's new fiscal year, which begins in April 2017, Animal Crossing will be released, but we do know that it will be a freemium title.

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