Nexus S and Gingerbread video gallery

With the official announcement of the Google Nexus S and Gingerbread (Android 2.3), the fine people over at Google decided to bombard the internet with new videos of Android goodness. Hey, we at Android Central aren't complaining. In fact, we love these videos so much, we decided to compile all the videos together -- just for you! And if the videos aren't enough to feed that gingerbread appetite, head into the forums to see what people are talking about: Gingerbread and Nexus S.

Videos after the jump.

Andrew Melnizek
  • That's a nice gallery to wake up to. I want some Gingerbread for breakfast now.
  • any idea which carriers this will be able to run on
  • The Nexus S will be available for T-Mobile first and the hopefully all the carriers afterwards.
  • probably not. T-Mobile and then maybe AT&T because they are both GSM but Sprint and Verizon will wait a few months and release the next line of HTC and Motorolas with 5" screens and the like. lol
  • Sweet learned a lot and more anxious than before, thanks AC.
  • I can't wait for Gingerbread to be released for my EVO!!
  • hopefully this time verizon will get it and not pass it up like they did the nexus one
  • Anyone elese getting network errors in the YouTube app when trying to Favorite or Thumb Up a video? The wifi hotspot video is interesting. I wonder if T-mobile knows about that one...
  • Seriously, I think both Gingerbread and the Nexus S are a BIG let down, talk about over-hype. In Gingerbread, we were promised a UI overhaul, we got dark screens instead of light gray and greenish icons, WOW! Bet you anything some of the most important fixes we've been dying to get won't even be there, biggest one for me, independent (or fixed) volume level for the keyboard "click". New languages support? I'd call that long overdue. As for the the Nexus S, I don't see it that much better than the Samsung Captivate. I was hesitant to trade in my Nexus One for it, but I think I will now, considering I can root it and get the latest and greatest anyway.
  • 3.0 was the expected UI overhaul (2.x is a small update comparatively). We thought gingerbread was 3.0. It wasn't, so no UI update. Looking at the short honeycomb video, that is most definitely 3.0 and a big UI update.
  • New Google Goggles UI?
  • i'm still puzzled as to why they didnt include any video chat native support?? you put out a phone with a front facing camera but dont have video chat on gingerbread???
  • Maybe they have a new version of talk on it's way, but it wasn't quite ready yet, and they will push it later through the market?
  • where was CREAMPUFF? :)