Nexus Player looks set for official UK release on March 26

Having been officially available in the U.S. for sometime now, the ASUS made Nexus Player looks set to go on sale officially in the UK on March 26. Amazon UK currently has a listing to pre-order the Nexus Player for £79.99 with free shipping around its expected shipping date.

Android TV has been something of a slow burner as it gets off the ground, though since the start of the year we've seen more devices announced of various form factors. The Nexus Player is Google's own take and while not perfect, at £80 it's certainly priced competitively. It's about the same price as Amazon's Fire TV with the added bonus of full Google Play access.

If you've been waiting for one of these, get your pre-order on at the source link down below. And if you need to know more, check out our full Nexus Player review

Source: Amazon UK

Richard Devine