Nexus One, Legos, Adobe AIR and slot-car racing

Somebody's about to win the science fair. Using a Nexus One, some Legos, rubber bands and an Adobe AIR application, an Android phone is converted into a high-tech gas pedal for slot-car racing. How's it work? Grant Skinner explains:

To summarize: The generic mobile client connects over the LAN to the desktop app. The desktop app sends it a "surface" SWF which contains all of the graphics and logic for the interaction (allowing the host to dictate the experience). The mobile client then sends accelerometer data to the host, which interprets the data, and sends back commands to update the client UI. The host communicates with a Phidgets motor controller, which controls the speed of the cars. And yes, it supports multiple connections (limited to 2 in this case because that's how many cars I have).

Oh. So you push the petal down and the cars go? We can handle that. Check out video of the project after the break, and make sure your kids aren't watching  -- they're going to want this. [ via] Thanks, Daniel!

[Vimeo link (opens in new tab)]

Phil Nickinson
  • That is beyond cool. Talking about Adobe, I couldn't watch the video on my Evo. ;/
    But yeah, imagine racing someone with your phone. I so want to try this.
  • The Evo doesn't have the real Flash Player, so you'll have to wait for the Android 2.2 update to be able to see this and other videos playing on the phone.
  • Push the PETAL down? =P
  • haha
    As in flower petal.... maybe in a vw bug.. but I push a pedal in my ride!
  • Reminds me of the video on crackberry of the guys that programmed the little rc car to be controlled via Bluetooth and then did the steering through the blackberry storm.
  • Only this was more awesome, and done with one of the most powerful and most customizationable smart phones on the market.
  • mad props this is awesome, but the bb storm stearing an actual f1 car is still at the top of the list