Nexus One getting a Bluetooth dock, according to FCC filing

We joke that the Nexus One isn't official, but at this point it's unofficially official. And now we have an accessory or two to go with it. Above you see documents from the FCC (and first posted on AndroidForums) that show the Nexus One and a Bluetooth dock. Where things get really interesting is that the dock, in addition to being your standard plug-and-play accessory, also sports a Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR radio. And on top of that, you see in the pictures above the dock connected to a DVD player. Does that point to using the Nexus One as a mini screen for playback? We'll have to see.

Also after the break are a couple of photos of the Nexus One in a car mount, spotted on Picassa. Not quite as high-tech, sure, but important nonetheless. [via Engadget]

Phil Nickinson
  • I can't wait for the Android Wiimote app. It also uses BlueTooth.
  • I just saw the Nexus One in the wild up here in NJ. I was on the PATH and some guy was next to me playing with it. I took a couple of pictures with my cell phone but they are so small and blurry it is hard to tell what it is but it was the Nexus One.
  • Trade Name: Google Phone
  • I always wondered why Microsoft didn't turn WinMo into the premier platform for Windows Sideshow displays. It looks like Google might beat them to the punch. If I can dock my Nexus with a DVD player, it would reason that I could also dock it with a PC, right? That 800x480 goodness would be perfect for a Tweetdeck window, e-mail preview, or movie playback.
  • That dock is a ProClip dock, appears to be the one for the iPhone, they must have similar dimension: The back on that dock/holder is a swivel and not the same in the picture, however the point of ProClip devices is that you pick a mount for your car and a holder for your device, so its a 2 package deal, which means the picture has a car that I'm not familiar with so it looks different, but that is definitely the holder. Also if anyone is in the market for a device holder for your car definitely check them out, their stuff is high quality and always fits great with no need for suction cups or screws. Everything snaps into place using the original grooves of your car.
  • Great spot p4trickh! I thought that looked like a pro clip set up because of the part attaching to the vehicle. BTW pro clips are a little pricey but well worth it, I have it with my G1/Acura TL and it works great for charging/microphone/audio output through the adapter, looks oem and fits like a glove. Would love to get some real info on the actual google/htc car dock as with my N1 getting here in t-minus 12 hours my pro clip setup is already obsolete. Really hoping it has a audio out for my cars aux in!
  • I'm confused, does this mean that the Nexus One doesn't have integrated bluetooth by default?