Nextbit Robin

I don't usually do unboxings. I have nothing against people who do them, but they aren't my thing. Usually, it's a box with a phone, a charger and USB cable inside it. Maybe some user manuals that nobody will read are in there. Or maybe — if you're lucky — some earbuds. Nothing will be inside a box that gets me excited.

That all changed when the Nextbit Robin showed up in the coolest box ever.

I'm a sucker for wooden things. When wooden things are nicely built I get excited. Go on and laugh, get it out of your system. This box is the king of all boxes that hold electronic things. Add in a toy sheep, and you have hit every button that needs to be hit to get me pumped to do a video about a box. I only wish that everyone got a box this nice — this is not the retail packaging.

We'll talk more about the Nextbit Robin shortly. For now, I'm only allowed to show you the box.

Enjoy the box porn.

Nextbit Robin


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