Nextbit Robin Kickstarter surpasses  million in funding

It looks like people are pretty interested in the Nextbit Robin, as the Kickstarter for the intriguing smartphone has officially passed the $1 million mark. With that threshold passed, Nextbit has achieved its stretch goal, which means backers will receive a quick charger in the box, rather than a standard one.

In addition, Nextbit has sent out an email to backers outlining some additional stretch goals, including:

  • A Nextbit Robin T-shirt for all who back us if we hit $1.25M
  • If we hit $1.5M, everyone who backs us will actually get 129GB of cloud storage instead of 100"

Given the interest Nextbit has garnered around the Robin so far, and with 15 days left to go, it seems likely that the company may very well hit those stretch goals. For much more on what makes the Nextbit Robin an intriguing prospect, be sure to check out our hands-on with the phone, along with the Kickstarter page itself.

Source: Nextbit Robin Kickstarter