Nextbit Robin

Nextbit only just launched its Robin smartphone on Kickstarter earlier today, but it has already surpassed its $500,000 funding goal with a month to go. Robin is the first smartphone out of Nextbit, a new company that counts Android and HTC alums among its employees, that brings a unique take on the smartphone experience.

The big draw behind the Nextbit Robin is its focus on the cloud, with the phone intelligently backing up files and apps you haven't touched in a while to its cloud servers to save space on the phone. As soon as you need that app or file again, you can download it right back to your phone without losing any data. Oh, and the phone just looks darn cool with a unique polycarbonate design.

And it seems that Nextbit's unique approach to its first phone has struck a chord with folks. The Kickstarter campaign started with a goal of raising $500,000 — a goal that it managed to surpass in just under 12 hours. With a month left to go, it'll be interesting to see just how high that number gets before the October 1 end-date.

If you'd like to read more about the Nextbit Robin, we've got you covered. If the Robin piques your interest and you want to be an early adopter, you can head to Kickstarter to reserve one for for yourself ahead of its early-2016 release.