What you need to know

  • Mobvoi accidentally leaked its "new TicWatch Pro."
  • The watch will likely support LTE, calls, and texts on Verizon.
  • It's unclear how much it'll cost or when it'll launch.

One of the best Wear OS watches of last year was the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro. Thanks to a slip-up on Mobvoi's part, we've now gotten our first look at what appears to be the watch's successor.

As spotted by Digital Trends, Mobvoi briefly had the above image on its website showcasing "the new TicWatch Pro." The text below it says that the watch is "powered by Verizon", and the render of the new watch has a Verizon logo on its screen.

While this isn't specifically called out as being the TicWatch Pro 2, it does look like a brand new watch as opposed to a refresh of last year's model. Not only is the original TicWatch Pro close to a year old, but the new watch shown above appears to have a different design compared to the current one.

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The complete feature set for the new TicWatch Pro remains a mystery, but the prominent Verizon branding does indicate that the watch will connect to Verizon's LTE network. With this, you'll presumably be able to use the new TicWatch Pro to connect to the internet, send texts, and make phones calls all without needing to be connected to your phone.

This is a feature missing from the original TicWatch Pro, so it'd be great to see that functionality added to the new one.

We're assuming Mobvoi will announce the new TicWatch Pro soon, and in regards to price, it'll likely cost a little more than the $250 pricing of the current Pro.

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