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Nielsen, a market research firm, has just released its numbers for the month of October in the U.S., and Android continues to show strong growth. Overall, smartphones make up nearly 30 percent of the U.S. mobile phone market, a number which will surely see a large jump once the December numbers come out next year. Overall, the incredible growth Android has been seeing this year has translated into a nearly 23 percent overall marketshare, which is nipping on the heels of the BlackBerry OS and Apple's iOS, which are neck-and-neck at about 27 percent each. 

Current users of feature phones are more likely to want an Android phone, while current smartphone users prefer the iPhone. Overall, the numbers balance out to make Android and iOS nearly equal at 28 and 30 percent. By age, the two are also neck-and-neck all the way to 55+, where iOS enjoys a healthy margin. By gender, women prefer iOS while men are looking at Android, but nearly one quarter of women said they were "not sure" about what they wanted. For all these comparisons, BlackBerry phones were consistently in a distant third place, so RIM clearly has to work on recapturing the interest of the consumer market. Check out all the pretty graphs (hint: Android is green) past the break. [Nielsen]

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