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It was just last month we saw a beta build Android 3.1 Honeycomb leak out for the Logitech Revue and here are now, mid September and another build has leaked out. This time, it's a user debug build and it comes with Netflix loaded. For those of you wonder what a user debug build means exactly, well -- it means root. You can install this build and your Logitech Revue will be rooted, albeit with some warnings. As noted:

  • We tried updating from 2.1 to this -it bricked, so don't do that! (upgrade to 3.1 original beta first, then this)
  • It seems nearly complete - so bet on a real 3.1 user release in the coming weeks from Logitech.
  • Although root is accessible through adb and su. Kernel modules, Kernel, Bootloader = all still signed. Memory is protected, so it's sadly not much of an improvement.
  • The Recovery Menu DOES NOT work, so if you update to this, prepare to be stuck on it (at least, for now). Also if it bricks you are SOL, this is an unofficial leak and voids your warranty

Mind the warnings if you're going to load this one up and you should be fine and check out the source links for the files. Want to see how it runs? There is a video past the break for you all showing the leak in action.

Source: GTVHacker; Channel Android Thanks, Ralph!