New Google Chromecast passes through FCC, but you likely won't spot anything new

What appears to be a new model of Google's Chromecast has been spotted passing through FCC, but unfortunately it's a filing that will fail to excite many holding off for 5GHz Wi-Fi support and other features. In fact, H2G2-2A will not bring any noticeable improvements to the table, confirmed by a recent Chromecast team AMA on Reddit. According to Google's Jacky Hayward:

We're always working to update Chromecast with the the latest software and hardware components, but we don't have any new user-facing features planned for this device.

Chromecast 2

So while we will see a new Chromecast come from Google, there won't be any new features you'll be able to use. The good news is for those who already own the Chromecast – your device won't suddenly become obsolete. We'll have to hold out on the Nexus Player.

Source: FCC, via: Zhats Not Funny, Engadget

Rich Edmonds