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New Gingerbread OTA for the Droid Incredible being pushed out

Remember back a few months when a lot of Droid Incredible users were so stoked to see a Gingerbread OTA arrive on their device? We remember it as well but we also remember that build was rather buggy for some while being perfectly fine for others. However, the powers that be thought it best to pull it and until now -- there has been no word of its return. But, finally -- a new build -- Build number 4.08.605.2 is pushing out from Verizon so for those of you who haven't already gone ahead and got Gingerbread through other methods, go ahead and hit that update button. You should find it there waiting for you.

Droid Incredible Forums; Thanks, everyone who tipped us!

  • Still an excellent phone that is sexy looking to this day. Congrats DINC owners!
  • Any word if rooted froyo users will receieve this update?
  • Yes. I am rooted and I got it this morning.
  • Typing *#*#2432546#*#* into my phone (without hitting send) started the update
  • Thanks. Worked for me too on my rooted Froyo DINC
  • Worked for me as well. Hope this is worth it!
  • It is the same as the previously pulled update. Took away my apps from SD, gave me a 4.3" display and a Sprint Market.
  • Same here. Thanks for nothing Verizon!
  • Just updated and stuck in a boot loop....
  • Pulled battery boot loop solved
  • Here's the new Gingerbread OTA push I got.
  • Perfect install!
  • Hey I've got a 4.3 inch display now too!! Didn't know the update changed my hardware as well. Good job Verizon!
  • To those who see 4.3", and sprint etc, was this your first gingerbread install? or did you already try installing the early one from aug/sep? if so, maybe you still had the earlier install file on your phone, and it installed that one instead? Can anyone who did install the new update confirm they're not seeing those bugs (4.3", sprint store, etc), thanks
  • This is a new update for me. Everything is fine. No bugs so far. I just had to re-install some software. Didn't lose any data.
  • This was new/first Gingerbread install for me too. I did not receive the first update in Sept and with all the awful reports, I did not try to force DL it. My phone is not rooted/stock retail from first batch(pre-ordered, arrived day before official launch). Everything seems to work fine from tonight's update... however, I have the older build numbers and I did lose some apps from SD, but not all of them. Phone is showing 4.3in display. I have looked and looked, and feel dumb with this question, but how could I tell if it says Sprint market/store? I tried the dial checkin to see if it would do a 2d update to the more current build numbers, to no avail.
  • Go to the Android Market, tap on apps and you will see a selection that says Sprint instead of Version. After the update this morning, I'm showing Sprint instead of Version. Now I have a dumb question how can you tell if you have the 4.3in display?
  • Menu>Settings>About Phone>Hardware...
  • Just got 4.06 this morning not 4.08. First update since FROYO, shows 4.3 inch screen size, Sprint market. Everything else seems to work.
  • This was my first as well. No root either.... Haven't ran into any issues just the 4.3 display is all I've noticed.
  • I lost a bunch of apps. The icons remained.
  • I got the 4.06 OTA with all of its problems just before 12AM Eastern. Noticed that shortly thereafter the DInc software support page on VZW was changed back to "Software Update: DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC - COMING SOON!" for the first time in months. Big Red knows they have screwed this up big time now...
  • I had this phone and loved it , I got the Droid Charge back in may . Cant believe their just getting a update on a Android legend . Bad move HTC and Verizon.
  • I've got build number 4.06.605.3. What's up with that?
  • That's the same one I have and it still shows the 4.3 screen and sprint in the marketplace. No update available as it says my phone is up to date.
  • i have had the sprint marketplace since way before this update. never noticed it was sprint until now. i thought verizon had a new design. I was wondering why my wifes droid inc 2 still had the "old" looking marketplace. Now she has the sprint one too.
  • It sounds like they are re-pushing the old 87.8mb update and then pushing a new 8.6mb fix.
  • Official Gingerbread now, unofficial ICS tomorrow.... linuxmotion on Twitter, AKA t3h4xx0r, has source compiled for the Incredible already
  • I have the buggy GB from a while ago. Phone stopped receiving text messages on Friday. Warranty replacement will be here tomorrow (unsure if it will be a DINC or DINC2). Certainly makes me glad I have the extended warranty and leery of accepting this update if the replacement is a DINC on Froyo.
  • I have the 4.06.605.3 build as well
  • Two weeks ago, I had my DInc replaced by Asurion. This is the build that it came with. It actually says "4.06.605.3 CL140944 release-keys"
  • I installed the update and now my HTC sense just keeps crashing in a loop. Battery pull does not help. It's incredibly useless at the moment. Cannot even get to the menu to try anything. Any suggestions? :)
  • As a followup, I cleared my data using the bootloader and was able to successfully restore the phone. Not ideal, but not the end of the world either.
  • I got tired of waiting for Verizon and just moved to CM7.1. I'm not wasting my time with this Gingerbread update. You should all just move over to CM7.1 :-)
  • I think nynativ is right.....move over to CM 7.1. After the previous GB update my phone ate a bowl of d**ks in a huge way. I rooted it and went with CM.....pretty painless and my DINC acted like a new phone.
  • Definitely not going back to CM 7.1, phone kept freezing up and have to do a battery pull. Happened at at least once a day and tried every 'solution' they offered. No luck. Edit: Nils Gingersense is a good ROM for those that want to keep Sense and have 3.5. Haven't tried any other stock gingerbread ROMS since going through the CM7 issues. ...just wanted to add at least one alternative rather than just post a complaint.
  • I appreciate the alternative solution rather than just a complaint; nice! I tried CM7.1 and thought it was good because it was so fast but it seems so plain compared to Sense it felt like I had downgraded my phone. This is the ROM I decided to stay with for my kid's phones because it doesn't come with all the bloatware and runs fast. Since they only use their phones as mini tablets and have no phone plans that seems good enough. I was super disappointed to learn the CM7.1 camera and video camera operate at lower resolutions and I didn't see any fixes available that would bring them back to their former Froyo 2.2 Stock sense glory. I tried Nil's Gingersense for a while too. It definitely has some flash to it with the Sense 3.5 but it is just too laggy; especially when compared with something like CM7.1. So after trying a few roms I actually concluded that for the Incredible's hardware HTC had a good compromise of speed, flair and functionality; somewhere in between CM7.1 and Gingersense. So I am now running Stock Froyo again. Everything works, it's not too slow and I'm happy.
  • Have you tried Condemned CM7 Vanilla V8? Great ROM. Super stable and fast.
  • Just got the update and I'm getting the low memory error even though I have a lot of space left. And of course Google still hasn't fixed the GTalk bug that makes it fail to start if you have the low memory icon.
  • Daughter just got the update on her phone. We'll see how it goes.
  • Also got build 4.06 this morning rather than 4.08. Did not previously receive 4.06. Low memory icon and message is now there. Also, SD card apps "don't exist." Re-downloading those apps and then moving them to the SD card re-establishes the app, including access from the home screen shortcut. Most apps restored this way seem to retain their settings, etc. However, at least one required a re-sync with its server. WTF, Verizon? Also notice now that the hardware is 802.11 b/g. Previously there was 802.11 b/g/n. Nice going, Verizon!
  • Just got update - shows 4.3 inch screen size, 1 app not functioning, does show verizon in marketplace, everything else seems to be functioning properly at this point
  • Update was waiting for me when I got up this morning. Was not sure if I wanted to proceed after reading about problems people had before (I did not get the previous update) but plunged ahead with the update. So far so good. Yes, I have Sprint in the market but,unless it causes a problem, who cares? I don't really care about Verizon apps and bloatware anyway. By the way, my Dinc is stock with Launcher Pro.
    I do notice a slight improvement in responsiveness. Launcher Pro had gotten a little sluggish but it seems more responsive now. Everything is crisper.
    So far, so good!
  • Did not recieve first update. Updated today... 4x3 display, Sprint marketplace, and lost some apps
  • Got the 4.06 update last night. This is a refurb that Verizon sent me after my original DINC got the update and starting showing the low memory error. I'm just waiting for that to re-appear and for them to send me another DINC that will likely have Froyo. For those who have apps on the SD card that appear to be missing, if you unmount and re-mount the SD card, they will show back up.
  • Unmount/remount worked. Thanks! I actually had an app that wouldn't reinstall this morning (Market was saying it was an invalid update), and after the unmount/remount the app came back. If you're having issues with Sense crashing/rebooting on you, I'd suggest a replacement launcher. A co-worker of mine was having the issue, and when he switched back to GoLauncher EX it stopped. I haven't had the rebooting issue at all and I think it's because I stuck with GoLauncher rather than letting Sense take over after the update.
  • I got the 4.06 update, wrong screen size and to top it all off, all of my contacts were erased!
  • I woke up this morning to see the update available. I clicked install, it said it would reboot and upgrade, and then it didn't do anything at all. Didn't reboot. Didn't install. I powered down manually and then back up, but still nothing. Update notification is gone now, even going into "system updates" in the menu. Any ideas?
  • Same thing happened to me. I have no idea how to get the update notification back.
    Now it says "your system is currently up to date".... but it isnt.
    Someone help !
  • We may have to do a manual update using the link above. I don't get it though.. In the months since the Gingerbread update first came out, it's amazing that HTC and Verizon couldn't fix the 4.3" display and "Sprint" bugs that appear to still be in there! Wait.. is the new version or The link above is to a update.
  • After reading posts of others experience so far with the new update, i wonder if its even worth the risk.
    I might just stick with the OS that i have already.
  • I thought this was just me....same thing happened to me.
  • What is the process for manually installing the update downloaded from the link shown above?
  • It would be nice if we could get the friendly, on-the-ball staff (did I mention good looking and witty?) of AC to do some official research, digging, and reporting on this. It sounds like a lot of us got the OTA for the rather than the new one (4.08.605.2 per the page). How do I know? Well, since I have NOT installed the update yet, all I can do is piece together some facts. Fact 1: The OTA notice on my phone calls it the "Android 2.3.4 Upgrade for HTC Incredible". There is no mention of a software version build number. Fact 2: The OTA notice on my phone refers me to the website above (under 'more details'). The website above refers to the build number as 4.08.605.2 - check the "Benefits of Software Update" pdf file. Fact 3: The "Software Update Instructions" pdf on the above mentioned website says that the download should be 8.6mb. Fact #4: The file that was "downloaded and verified" on my phone (the one waiting for me to restart and install) is 87.8mb. Unverified conclusion? Still no 'latest and greatest' update to 4.08.605.2. FWIW - the 4.08.605.2 update - if you can get it - is suppose to fix both the screen size and Verizon market issues (per the "Benefits of Software Update pdf).
  • The new 8.6mb update can't be installed until you install the old 87.8mb update.
  • If it's true that the 4.06 update needs to be installed before applying the 4.08 patch, it would seem prudent to know for certain a) that the 4.08 patch is forthcoming and b) that it is available as soon as 4.06 is installed. Without this being confirmed, I can't imagine why anyone would rush to install 4.06 at this point knowing what occurred in September and all the issues people are experiencing yet again. Can anyone confirm that 4.08 is available to those who have installed 4.06?
  • Why the heck wouldn't it just do a straight upgrade to 4.08? I never got the notification back a few months ago. So I would hope that it would do just one update to the latest version for me. Don't know why they would make you upgrade to 4.06 first, and then 4.08 after. But who knows. Sounds like HTC & Verizon didn't have everything sorted out correctly. Just rambling here... lol
  • I had the same questions when laying out the factoids. Thus far, I have not felt the need to be a guinea pig for the forums. Perhaps some brave sole with more time on their hands will take the plunge for us.
  • is there a new radio?
  • So, I woke up to feed the baby and there was a notification that new software was ready to install. I installed the 4.06 update yesterday. So I tap on the more information button and it says it is the 4.08 update at 8.7mb. This is the one we have been waiting for! So I tap install. It thinks for a minute then tells me that I don't have enough free memory to install the update. I have plenty of room, but I play along and clear out damn near everything I can from the RAM. I performed a check in to retrieve the update again, but, no joy... System says it's up to date, but I am still on 4.06. Anyone care to chime in on this?
  • Aside from the waking to feed the baby part, exact same thing here. It also screwed up about half of my apps during the reboot. I've about had it with this. How is it that VZW and HTC can't get their s#(t together long enough to push out an upgrade that doesn't destroy most of the phones it touches? Also, unmount/remount of the SD card did not restore my apps...
  • Had this same issue (minus the baby). Got the 4.06 update back in August or whenever and then this morning got the 'free memory' thing when it tried to download 4.08. I'm still on 4.06 and heading to CM today!
  • Received 4.06 update yesterday, just got and installed the 4.08 update this morning. Fixed the display and market is now Verizon not Sprint
  • Same here, display fixed and after running the market and letting it update "my verizon", the market was fixed as well.
  • ditto - seems all issues resolved at this point
  • same, I also had to reinstall apps that were on the SD card after 4.06. Thankfully I didn't have that problem after the 4.08 update.
  • Got the same memory error as some of you. My market says Sprint and I still have the 4.0.6. I think they just want to sell new phones. They really can't fix the "low space" problem and now have created new problems. I can't even entertain the thoughts of going to the dark side. Come on Google and Verizon...fix this!!!
  • Same issue here. It claimed there was low memory and refused to install the update. I cleared out some space and now the update is nowhere to be found and I'm still at 4.0.6.
  • What a pain! I had the same issue as mjuniper, sicviresco, tcmeiss, richardfoc, & loads of others... Woke up this morning, saw the update. Clicked, looked like the phone updated(quicker than a normal update). Rebooted. Then got the "You don't have enough room, try clearing some apps." I did, and now no update. So now I am heavily looking into CM7. I just want a phone that works. No bells and whistles. Just WORKS. Anyone have any opinions on CM7? Thanks in advanced!
  • So, folks, how do we get the elusive 4.08 file back when it disappears? Anyone care to post a link? Thanks much!
  • Same thing happened to me. I dont think that it's possible to get it back
  • I'm in the same boat as you guys...... and there's a hole in the bottom. This phone used to be incredible, now, not so much
  • I too got the "Not Enough Free Space" error when I tried to install 4.08 on top of 4.06 this morning. After two hours on the phone, lots of escalation with VZW support (and some genuinely good techs) I think the answer is pretty simple. HTC and VZW are basically trying to blame each other without creating any further erosion of confidence in VZW. You do need to slim down your storage to the bare bones to be sure the update will work due to issues with low memory errors in the 4.06 upgrade. HTC servers are actually sending out the OTAs. HTC is cuing a limited number of phone MEID numbers per day to prevent overloading of their servers. If you have had the Free Space error for 4.08 then call VZW and tell the tech what happened and ask them to call HTC and put your MEID back in the cue for 4.08 updates immediately. This seems to be the only way that you can get a new 4.08 update and it should hit your phone within 24 hrs. HTC for their part is "strongly suggesting" that when you see the update notice for 4.08 you use WiFi to do the download and install. They would like us to believe we got the 90MB 4.06 OK using 3G for download but we can't trust VZW 3G for the 9MB 4.08 update. Go figure. These children need to play together nicely and leave all of us out of their family quarrels. I can't wait to get a Nexus.
  • "These children need to play together nicely and leave all of us out of their family quarrels. I can't wait to get a Nexus." Amen!
  • Thanks for the update, mordoc! I'm afraid I don't have the stamina to go 2hrs with VZW. I do have a couple of observations re the 4.06 update : My DInc seems quite a bit peppier, even without the " finishing touches " of 4.08,but my battery life has tanked. Also, I noticed that under hardware specs, I seem to have lost my wifi " n " Has anyone else noted this?
  • I am on the phone with Verizon right now trying to get this low memory update issue taken care of. I went through all of the checks I went through after I got the update error and she said "you have checked everything that I would have asked you to check." We will see if they can take care of the problem. My wife's phone got both updates yesterday with no problem.
  • I have 605.3 build and I also got the low memory failure during the update so, I just got off the phone with both Verizon and HTC. Verizon says to call HTC to get them to resend update to my phone. HTC says the update got pushed incorrectly and that it should resend within 72 hours. I told them that I cleared as much data as I was willing to clear so, what do I do if it gives me that error again. They said "it should work this time". I said this out of memory bug has been a nightmare for me since I got the phone. He said this update should fix that bug. (I will believe it when I see it).
    Just my 2 cents worth. Robert.
  • I got nothing accomplished last night with Verizon and HTC. I was ultimately told that I would just have to wait for the update to back around to my phone since they are randomly selected. He HTC rep could not tell me when that would be. The waiting game continues.
  • I found some good tips here ( including the 4.08 OTA zip file but after still having issues I finally did a battery pull, went to HBOOT and did a factory reset and during setup 4.08 was delivered and I installed with no hiccups. Your mileage may vary of course.
  • This worked for me: I found that I needed to have around 450 Mb free in order for it to actually install.
  • I have an unrevoked rooted DINC running Android 2.2. On 11/15/11 very much like other users, I woke up to see the update available. I clicked install, it said it would reboot and upgrade, and then it didn't do anything at all. Didn't reboot. Didn't install. I powered down manually and then back up, but still nothing. Update notification is gone now, even going into "system updates" in the menu. Now on 11/19/11 I woke up to see another update available. When I clicked more info it wants to install "Android Software Update (4.08.605.2) with a size of 87.7 MB. I clicked the restart and Install button. It said it would reboot and upgrade, and then it didn't do anything at all. Didn't reboot. Didn't install. I powered down manually and then back up, but still nothing. Update notification is gone now, even going into "system updates" in the menu.
  • I have the same situation. DINC, UnREVOKED, rooted... seen the system update available last weekend...clicked update... waited... waited... nothing...same thing for this a.m. Clicked update, and again, nothing. So after reading this thread, I did the *#*# ...#*#* thing and it checked in, but nothing. After reading some of the posts, is GB really worth it? I like the nice things of Froyo. I love the phone and yes, I am a junkie who has been happy so far for a year and a half with my DINC. Still love it!!! Any ideas or thoughts? Thanks.
  • Verizon finally pushed the OTA to my unrooted DInc this morning. Android Version 2.3.4 Kernel version Build number 4.08.605.2 Can't see much difference to Froyo. Gmail notification icon in the notification bar is different. No problems with the update. Went very smooth. Lost nothing, either. More posts to come, if warranted. Guess I'll have a couple of weeks to enjoy Gingerbread before the Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets released. ICS, here I come!
  • Update:
    Since finally getting the 2.3.4 OTA Saturday morning on my unrooted DInc with Froyo, I have now had more time to play with my new Gingerbread DInc, and these are some of my conclusions:
    1. Icons in the notification bar (i.e., Gmail) look different. Smaller, and more opaque.
    2. Everything seems to be a little bit snappier and smoother than it already was with Froyo, which wasn't bad. Faster is always better, though!
    3. Definitely noticed improved battery life. No doubt about this one. Big improvement.
    4. Browsing with the stock Android browser feels faster and smoother.
    5. Had to reset all of my notification sounds back to how I had them, but that's no biggie. So far, this has been a very good upgrade with almost no problems on my DInc. But man, it took looooooong enough to get the OTA done right! But Verizon/HTC seems to finally have pushed-out a good, one-step, problem-free Gingerbread OTA for the DInc. At least it was good for me!
  • My Droid Incredible is on Froyo and is not rooted. I would like to know if you had to install or was already on 4.06.605.3 before installing 4.08.605.2. If not, how did you bypass 4.06.605.3 to get the steady build 4.08.605.2? I've read so many issues with 4.06.605.3 and is making me wary of installing it before getting the steady build 4.08.605.2. Thanks.
  • Update:
    Installed 4.08.605.2 via OTA today 11/25/2011. Did not have to install 4.06.605.3 to install 4.08.605.2.