New 'Amber Brown' Galaxy Note 2 shows up again, this time in real photos

Quickly following on the heels of leaked renders of two new colors of the Galaxy Note 2, we've got some real hands-on images of the Amber Brown version of the device. The device seems to be all the same as the other Note 2 varieties, but now covered in a deep brown color. This is probably going to be a bit of a polarizing color -- either love it or hate it -- if we have to be honest, but more options are always better. This model is a Japanese version for the carrier NTT Docomo but it's feasible that we could see this color, along with the new "Ruby Wine" (aka red) color, come to other markets also.

We've got one more look at the device for you after the break. The source link below has several more with pictures of the box, accessories and color-matched brown flip cover as well.

Source: GizChina

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Um Samsung... phones are black. Please spend less innovation time on color names and more innovation time on kicking the stuffing out of the crazy fruit people!
  • + one million,
    I hate fruit people too...
  • I hate black phones, boring and thoughtless. I like seeing different colors and giving people options. Samsung is already way ahead of Apple in just about every way, and you know they're working on a Note 3 and S 4.. so why are you worried about it ;)
  • Now if this phone looked like wood with brass colored sides... I'd buy a steampunk phone. Lol
  • Samsung lawyers made it clear that Samsung is avoiding black because of Apple's design patents. As long as no Samsung device is black with round corners Apple cant sue. The article can be found on Android police
  • Then why did they release the S3 in black?? Google black S3, it's in the States too only available on certain carriers, not just international... Doesn't make sense
  • Doesn't look bad just doesn't look good either.
  • I always thought the term was Zune brown.
  • Where is the Verizon logo?.... Sarcasm :-)
  • Different colors are great. Samsung is pretty much owning android people haven't seen anything yet. Wait until 2013 Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S4 as well as the Galaxy Note 3 will lead the way.
  • I disagree. The upgrade from either the S2 to the S3 or the Note to the Note 2 has been marginal at best. Same cheap plastics, same types of flaws in the screens, same vestigial hardware buttons. Compare that to the leaps that Sony, HTC and LG are making with their premium materials, true rgb screens and more powerful processors. I don't think Sammy is going to be able to hold them back much longer.
  • Looks like #2 alright....pew!!
  • Wish these colors were available from the get-go. If it looks as good in person as it does in the picture, I might have considered it.
  • Please give us the Note 2 in the 32 and 64gb of internal memory. The only place that has been selling these versions are in Korea. They won't work in the USA. Please Samsung.
  • that is amazing
    i like android logo that is perfect. Custom Logo Designers
  • The problem is that all the early adopters can't get different colors cause they don't all come out at the same time.
  • Wow, crazy table cloth :-)
  • May be the table cloth is also manufactured by Samsung? :)
  • Gotta admit. You made me look.. :-)
  • Sure would be nice if it was better lighting! I still prefer the white S3.
  • Having different colors is great but give us black as a choice as well. There are still people that like that professional looking black for work. Samsung is the only company that has listened to it's loyal customers and not to mention but Samsung is the most developer friendly device made. Thank You Samsung. Please give us the Note 2 with 32 or 64gb of internal memory. Korea is getting all the love, Not only do they get the larger internal memory Note 2 but the Note 2 and SGS3 also comes with extra battery and a 2nd battery charger for the spare battery all in the same box. Samsung and other phone companies all put a spare battery with all devices sold in Korea. Just a fun fact I felt like throwing in.
  • "Amber Brown" ... that's got to be a porn name somewhere...
  • Yes! She's the sister of Dawn Patrol...
  • Samsung and my Galaxy Note 2 make me happy in pants. Wouldn't personally like this phone (white is more my thing) but to each their own.
  • Are they purposely trying to make it not match the fantastic black screen? I dont want my Galaxy in anything but black. i already feel ripped off owning a GN2 when my Galaxy Note 1 looks so much nicer.
  • Caca color
  • Even if the color isn't for you, it's for someone else, and the more choices the better.