We seem to be finding ourselves with a lot of time on our hands recently. Imagine that. A lot of people dealing with self-isolation have turned to video games and binge-worthy TV to make the hours fly by. The thing about binge TV, though, is you go through the content awfully fast. The best thing to do is go back and watch those amazing older shows that went on and on for years. If there are shows you watched back in the day that you never binged all the way through, that's great, too. It's like reliving your favorite memories of that show all at once. We've got a great list here that includes binge-able shows from multiple streaming platforms.

Best Binge-worthy Content

Community Not SquareSource: Hulu

Comedies are the best shows to binge. Not only do they come in nice bite-sized 30 minute episodes, but they make you feel good in a time when things don't feel all that great. So we've got quite a few comedies on this list, but there are also a few classic dramas, too.

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While we never quite got a movie, Community did eventually make it to six seasons. The first three are far superior for sure, but the whole series is totally binge-worthy. While you can binge it on Hulu right now, you might be like me and only have the ad-based version of the service. If that's the case, just wait until April 1. The entire Community series will be coming to Netflix on April 1 for the first time ever.


Community Seasons 1-6

Six seasons of Jeff Winger, "Cool, cool cool cool," the before image of Childish Gambino, and more. Community is a classic series worthy of your free time.


When is the last time you watched Seinfeld? Don't you think it deserves a little binge from you? Of course it does. The very design of the show makes much of the comedy still relevant today, and you can binge the entire show on Hulu. I did last year and it was a fun ride. While you're at it, go through Seinfeld's spiritual successor, Curb Your Enthusiasm. That's another eight seasons of awkward comedy available on Amazon Prime.

Hello, Newman

Seinfeld Seasons 1-9

The original show about nothing that has served as the template for all shows about nothing that came afterward. You've got nine seasons of crazy to get through.

Breaking Bad

Obviously. Any list of binge-worthy shows should include Breaking Bad. Every episode is a ride in and of itself, and when you put them altogether it's a giant roller coaster. If you haven't watched the show since it originally aired, now's the time to go back and watch it all at once. The great part about it is that you can add another four seasons of Better Call Saul on the backend, just extending your time in this universe.

Drugs are bad

Breaking Bad Seasons 1-5

I imagine this show will stay on people's "Best Shows" lists for many years to come. Did you miss the original airing? Didn't catch onto the fad of watching Breaking Bad every week? Catch up and realize what you were missing by watching the entire thing in a weekend.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Usually when you're binge-watching a long show, you want to watch it from beginning to end. Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn't done yet, however. The show was renewed for an eighth season, despite being canceled by Fox after the fifth season. Andy Samberg, uh, finds a way. At least that means you have seven years to get through if you haven't seen it yet.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine Seasons 1-7

The best way to get your detective procedural, buddy cop show, and smart comedy all at once.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

With the early release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on demand you might be needing more Star Wars in your life. The Clone Wars is an excellent animated series that examines all new aspects of the Star Wars universe and brings to life some of your favorite characters from the movies. The series looked like it was set to end before Disney+ came along and added a final seventh season that's now available.

Force Watch

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Seasons 1-7

The great thing about binge-watching this series on Disney Plus is you can bookend it with all the other Star Wars content. Even throw in the exclusive show The Mandalorian while you're at it. Disney Plus is the place for Star Wars right now.

Mad Men

Had you even watched the AMC channel before Mad Men came around? This show changed that channel into a powerhouse for good content. Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead would come later, but it started with Mad Men. It's a great show with powerful characters that is definitely binge-worthy.

Cause ads are cool

Mad Men Seasons 1-7

Will Jon Hamm ever be as cool as he was in Mad Men? Probably not. And if you can't get enough Elizabeth Moss, consider binging The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu. Another three seasons of a fantastic show worthy of your time.

The Office

I know, I know. This show should be at the top. And it's worthy of the position. I have binged this show from beginning to end (ok, maybe skipping season 1), more times than I care to admit. Unfortunately, however, The Office is set to end its run on Netflix by the end of the year. So it's bittersweet to include it on one of these lists these days.

Cause ads are cool

The Office Seasons 1-9

Include the entire Michael Schur collection while you're binging this one. Go through Parks and Recreation (Netflix/Hulu and The Good Place (Netflix/Hulu while you're at it (Brooklyn Nine-Nine mentioned above is another one).

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