One feature that has been conspicuously missing in Android since its launch has been a biggie--multi-touch. Multi-touch is the wonderful input method that reads multiple touch inputs at once. It gives for a more 'natural' control of input, instead of zooming in/out by tapping plus/minus signs, you can simply pinch or pull the screen. We've said it before but: Multitouch has become the benchmark for touchscreen browsing. The iPhone has it, the Pre has it, Android should definitely have it by now.

Luckily, CNET reports that official multi-touch support will be coming to the Android 2.0 update, which is expected to release this holiday season. Having multi-touch in Android is necessary not because of just its improvement to the user experience but it will take away a bullet point from its competitors. And to clarify, Eclair, not Donut, is expected to be 2.0.

Excited for the multi-touch news?