MrMobile's best Android tablet (is from 2015)

It's been 15 months since Google's Pixel C launched, and it hasn't diminished in quality (or price). It still has some annoying bugs, and there's still software that just won't work in landscape mode, but after over a year since release, I still find myself gravitating toward it whenever I'm able to leave my bigger machines behind.

I'm Michael Fisher, alias MrMobile, and it'd be ridiculous for me to suggest you buy the Pixel C … at full price. But when it goes on sale, or it comes bundled with the attachable keyboard, I'm in enthusiastic agreement with what Jerry Hildenbrand said: the Pixel C is a handy piece of hardware, and it's (still) my favorite Android tablet of the year (so far). Hit play on this video, and let me tell you what's great (and not-so) about the Pixel C in 2017.

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  • Yes... But is it currently a good buy from the updating point of view? Normaly google support updates only for 2 years...
  • My Pixel C received 7.1.1 in December and January/February security updates on time and is scheduled to aiso get 7.1.2.
  • Well no doubt about that. It's lifeline officially ends later this year.
  • Only OS version updates for 2 years, security updates come for a longer time. My old Note 3 just got an update a few weeks ago which surprised me.
  • 2013 was a good year as well. N7 still going strong.
  • I'm still good with my Tab S 10.5 before they forked up the aspect ratio on the Tab S2. Eagerly awaiting the S-Pen enabled version rumored for this year :) If only the Lenovo one with their cool keyboard/digitizer would come with better specs :(
  • My nexus 10 wasn't good until it got lollipop. Somehow it is smoother and less buggy then when it first came out.
  • I just got the pixel c with the keyboard. It's awesome. Smooth, fast no lag. I remote into my home PC while lounging and essentially it's a great windows 10 convertible. I also use it to remote into work. The keyboard is worth the buy. It is so sturdy and useful when watching movies. Multitasking isn't the greatest still I find with pixel c. I do sometimes have issues with the tablet not detecting the keyboard and having to do it through settings. Wireless signal is good but the antenna doesn't seem as strong as my s6 edge plus or Nexus 7 2013. Battery life is awesome.
  • I haven't felt a compelling reason to give up my shield tablet especially when travelling.
  • Note pro 12.2 still the best tablet ever...son!
  • Yep, best dinner plate ever!
  • Loved my N7 (2013) and still loving it's replacement, the N9.
  • Android tablets are in a sad place. I've got a Tab S2, bought it in 2015 when it launched, still nothing better from Samsung or most any other manufacturer. Sad part is it was built with 2014 specs, it's got the same hardware as a Note 4 internally. Honestly with a couple of Windows 10 2 in 1 devices, I almost never turn my Tab S2 on, Windows has become a better tablet OS than Android and I NEVER expected that to happen. Only downside to Windows is no swype for texting.
  • Yeah tablets (especially Android based) are over as leading tech/consumption devices. My customers all want laptops again or the kids want proper gaming PCs after playing games on a old tablet. Maybe the got fed up with the landfill/fail factor that non upgradable/repairable devices have. My Gf asked what she should get to replace her Mk2 N7. I really struggled to think of a decent mainstream Android Tablet. The Nvidia one was about the only suggestion. I got her a 11" Dell Windows tablet for a steal price a couple of years ago and that does all her heavy tablet lifting to a degree. Appalling.
  • The laptops that are upgradable cost a whole lot more than a tablet. Not even in the same category. What kind of laptops do you sell?
  • Anything that has a keyboard and isn't a toy with a 3 year old out of date phone OS on it. Customers are fed up with cheap landfill.
  • Rocking a tab s 10.5 and love it. But I'll admit that I've been using my Lenovo ThinkPad 14 more and more it's a 3 in 1 crazy fast . Samsung still has a great tablet portfolio and the only android base tablet that sells anymore