Mozilla teases 'something BIG' coming for Android next week with Firefox

The folks at Mozilla have taken to Twitter to tease us all about a big​ BIG update in Firefox for Android next week. The details are sparse (as they should be in any teasers worth their salt) only promising something fast, smart, and safe. Firefox development for Android has been steady, but slow, with small and frequent updates to their beta builds. This has many Android users less than interested in their offering, but the old adage "good things come to those who wait" comes to mind when talking about Mozilla. 

We're excited any time a big player makes a splash in the Android pool, but Mozilla is pretty near and dear to our hearts. All of us want to see something spectacular, and the furry-necked part of me wants to see them hit it out of the park and blow everyone away, smack dab in the middle of Google I/O. We're watching things closely here, and you'll know just as soon as we do.

Source: @Firefox

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Well... Firefox 12 on beta phase is not so secret and same as harder to get nightly builds
  • Mozilla sucks in the mobile space. Heck Mozilla has been a fail in the desktop space for the last 3 years. If they have a press event and no one shows up, does it get released?
  • Really? Firefox is faster than Chrome, and clocks in at about half the size on my HOX.
    Its a good browser. It supports Flash so we don't miss any of those Android Central ads. I imagine from the wording, (BIG) they will simply be adding Flash support to the Tablet version of Firefox, where is has not been available.
  • I'm wondering if u've actually tried the latest's smoking fast with a light footprint.
  • Sorry, that i double post... but i just trying to edit and it make it as new post
  • Firefox!! Want! Adons! Adons! Adons! Adblock even! They have had a slow start on Android with really low performance, but still very functional. Yet it has been getting steadily faster and faster, so I have been waiting patiently and with great hopes.
  • Flash?
  • Firefox already does Flash on ICS Phones.
    Not on tablets yet, so my guess is that they will add flash to tablets.
  • Wait ff does flash on ics oh shiitt
  • I am, and have been, a HUGE Firefox fan for years. It weeks great on my Skyrocket. I especially liked how I could sync with my laptop so I'd have all of my most used bookmarks on hand. Wonder what they're up to?
  • Dude: FF has built in book mark, passwords, preferences, history, and tabs sync, and even add-ons. It keeps getting better. For new users: go to Settings, Sync. Start from your computer to set up the sync account. Let it sync, then
    Click Pair a Device, and see settings / sync on firefox on the phone.
  • How does FF compare with Dolphin?
  • It use it's own rendering engine same as Opera, other browsers (including Dolphin if im not mistaken) on Androids are usally just WebViews (shich stack browser is also using) with custom UI and extra features. It's also worth mention... Firefox is only mobile browser to support WebGL right now
  • I actually prefer chrome to all of them. I like how it handles tabs and much prefer the overall UI.