Why, hello again Motorola Zeppelin. We've seen the back of you already, and now we finally get to see your front face. Not too shabby in our opinion, the contours of the Zeppelin, or XT800 as it's called in China, liken in to a rock or pebble--there's something very natural about it. The same good stuff we reported might be even better than imagined--the Zeppelin is rumored to have a 3.7 inch 854x480 touchscreen with GSM & CDMA, 3G, Wi-Fi, HDMI port and 5 megapixel camera rocking the internals (we had originally pegged the screen at 3.1 inch 480x320).

Surprisingly, there's another Motorola Android device headed to China as well, the MT710. Details are slim on that device but you can see what looks like a front-facing camera and a 5-megapixel back-facing camera on the MT710. There's also what could be a TV-logo (?) next to the front facing camera. Or they can all just be ordinary sensors, but that's no fun, right? Check out the rectangluar beast after the jump!

No new news on when either device will be available so we're going to assume the original Q1 2010 timeframe is still in play. They're looking to be China releases in the beginning with a more global reach to follow (not sure if that global reach extends stateside, but we're hoping!).

[via unwiredview]