Motorola wx445 on Verizon

Images of the unreleased Motorola WX455 have shown up today online, with very little fanfare.  If the rumors about it's specifications are correct, we can see why.  Supposedly it's a pretty anemic offering, and beside the recent onslaught of superphones like the Galaxy S series and the Motorola Droid X, it's hard to get excited over a mid- to low-end handset.  Speaking of specs, all we can be sure of is what you see -- it's running Eclair, has a weird mix of capacitive buttons and some sort of physical pad, a smallish touchscreen, and headed to Verizon.  Rumored specs also include a camera (megapixels unknown) with no flash, and a 1170 mAh battery.  It should also sport the standard Android array of radios and sensors; GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, compass, etc., but that's just an educated guess. 

We've talked about the validity of low end Android models on the last couple of podcasts, what do you guys think?  Yea or nay to the entry level stuff?  [Engadget]

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