Moto X in white and teak

On Monday, June 9, Motorola will let you build a custom Moto X with Moto Maker, and then ship it to you for a two-week at-home trial. All for just $0.01. That's right, a custom Moto X for two weeks for a penny. That is, just on Monday, and only "while quantities last," though we imagine we're still looking at a good number of phones here.

The news comes in the midst of Motorola being sold by Google to Lenovo and the impending shutdown of the Fort Worth factory where the Moto Maker phones are assembled.

The relatively low price coupled with a plethora of customization options has long been a selling point for the Moto X, but sales haven't exactly taken off as well as Motorola (and Google) had hoped. But hey, you can check out that swanky new rosewood back for one cent. That's worth something, right?

Source: Motorola; Thanks to FrontRoyalCPU for the tip!

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