Touchless Control

Motorola Migrate also updated with two usability fixes to better control your data

Motorola's Touchless Control app, the brains behind the always-listening function in the Moto X and new Droids, is being updated today with an interesting new feature that reads your notifications aloud. Along with the other commands you have such as making calls and Google searches, you can now say "What's up" or "Read notifications" to have the phone read aloud your current notifications.

It may get a little overwhelming if you have a lot of notifications (like some of us), but if you're driving and just have to know what all that buzzing in your car dock is about, this could be a great tool. To start, the new command is available in U.S. English, Spanish and Italian, with several other languages wearing the beta tag in this release.

Another quick fix in this latest update is better "end-of-speech detection," which should help with those awkwardly-long pauses after giving a voice command to your phone. Motorola says this will help with both accuracy and response time with getting your command answered. Touchless control is only available for Motorola's most recent devices — the Moto X and Droid Mini, Ultra and Maxx — and your phone must also be updated to Android 4.4 KitKat to be compatible. If you meet the criteria, hit the Play Store link for a download of the latest Touchless Control version.

While you're at the Play Store updating apps, you may want to grab the updated Motorola Migrate as well. You now have an option to move over just certain data from one phone to another, as well as selectively pull contacts in from your phone's SIM card to your default Google account. You can find that in the Play Store as well right here.

Thanks, Ben!