Motorola updates Android OS roadmap; some of you won't like it

Motorola has updated its Android software upgrade news page, and it's not pretty.  Besides no mention of Gingerbread for the Droid X (say yes Moto, you have to), there's a slew of lower-end handsets that look to be stuck on Android 1.6 (or even 1.5 in the case of the Wal-Mart StraightTalk Cliq XT), and the T-Mobile branded Cliq XT has had it's upgrade date pushed back for additional testing.

It's worth noting that Moto's newer Android offerings aren't even listed on this page, so we don't really expect any Gingerbread news at this point.  It is pretty disheartening to see phones with capable hardware being held back though, and we don't like any more than you do. [Motorola Android Software Upgrade News; Motorola official Cliq XT support] Thanks, Tim,!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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