Moto G FM Radio

Motorola has updated its FM Radio app for Moto E and Moto Gs to include Bluetooth audio playback and a few visual refreshes. The app, which is only available for these Motorola devices that have an FM tuner inside, is pretty bare bones but gets the job done and is now just a little bit better as well. The first big change is the inclusion of Bluetooth audio support, which will let you stream your FM tunes out to a connected wireless speaker or pair of headphones. It still requires a wired set of headphones in order to act as the antenna, but you can simply hit a button (which oddly enough is the Chromecast icon) to pipe audio to Bluetooth instead.

While you're listening to the radio over Bluetooth you can now control playback and seeking through the lockscreen and notification shade as well, something that's been the norm for other music players for some time now. Other small visual tweaks include a slide-in drawer on the left and a few button changes. The update also improves station scanning in Colombia and South America, for what it's worth.

If you've got a Moto G or Moto E and like to use the built-in FM Radio app, you should go grab this solid update — you'll find it at the Play Store link above.