Motorola takes to Twitter to address concerns over SD card support on U.S. Xooms

If you're a Xoom owner here in the United States, you probably felt more than a pang of jealousy this morning when Motorola announced that the Android 3.1 update would begin rolling out to European Xooms, bringing along with it SD card support. Motorola has taken to Twitter to quell your rage, responding to one disgruntled owner who called the company out on the American Xoom’s unusable SD card slot.

@Motorola: @portareaf Google is refining the SD card solution for U.S.-based Motorola XOOM devices & we'll share timing info as soon it’s available.

While Moto’s response gives us no definitive time frame, it does imply that SD card support is more of a matter of “when” than “if”. Sit back and relax, we have the whole summer ahead to wait.

Source: @Motorola

  • As I recall, only the US Xoom is considered a "Google Experience" device - meaning that the solution that Moto. used in the Euro version needs to be evaluated and either revised or rolled into "the plan." I don't know why people are so up in arms over this - if what we're waiting on is Google to verify that the Moto solution complies with the grand-scheme software roll out and implementation - then I'm all for it. Last thing we need is some piece of manufacturer garbage coding to mess up the implementation of something we really want down the line
  • Why would it roll out in Europe but need fixes and improvements in the US? Is MOTO saying the Euro's don't matter and they can take a crappy first approximation of a fix? Or are they saying screw these Americans we already got their money. So glad all this already works out of the box on the Acer Iconia, and totally mystified why little Acer can do it but big Moto is clueless.
  • Moto is saying neither. US-based Xoom devices are pure Google Experience devices, meaning that all Android updates are supplied by Google in an unmodified form (i.e., no Blur, Sense, TouchWiz, etc). Honeycomb in its current form does not have built-in SD card support - all the other non-Xoom machines that offer it (like your Acer) have software that's been hacked/modified by the manufacturer. Same thing goes with non-US Xoom devices - they are NOT designated Google Experience devices. Quit acting like a spoiled twit and thinking you know everything. It's not Moto's fault. If you need to blame someone for this, blame Google for taking its own sweet time in rolling out a version of Android with native SD card support.
  • What kind of self-respecting electronic device doesn't support SD cards in this day and age?
  • The iphone and ipad.
  • He said self-respecting.
  • Nexus S !
  • Screw SD card support, I want LTE
  • Screw both of them, I want USB Mass Storage Mode support.
  • I think the Samsung Galaxy 10.1 failed on that front too, without the SD card it really limits it. Still a step up from the iPad. I am going to hold off on the tablet market. My HP Envy 14 inch is the perfect laptop for now and with the Galaxy S2 I am getting next month don't see a huge need for the tab yet. Wait until next year's editions comes out and SD card is on every tablet.
  • MOTO is doing what Toshiba asus and any other developer or manufacture. they hacked the OS to make
  • That's their job. It's open source. You make it work on your own devices.
  • Ever since the launch this tablet has been an epic fail. Rushed out the door and still 6 months down the road doesn't have the fixes in place that was promised to come soon after launch. I was seriously considering this device earlier this year and finally convinced myself to wait I'm glad I did... I feel for all the people that spent all that money on the Xoom, that in my opinion is a waste of money.
  • So you guys are blaming motorola for HoneyComb's lack of SD support ? wow Last time I checked , thats Google's problem (especially that its a "Google Experience" Taplet) At least the Xoom doesn't look like an iPad Before you go say Im Xoom fabboy , I don't have a Xoom & Im not planing to get a Taplet , since I can't find a single use for it , or it can do something my phone can't
  • Honeycomb 3.0.1 has MicroSD support as well as USB support in my Acer.
    So yeah, blaming Moto.
  • Moto controls the Kernel right? So yes, I'd say Moto is to blame as well.. Especially since my Xoom, like many others, has been running with a custom Kernel for months and I have support for SD and USB Host capabilities along with overclocking..
  • Yeah, your MicroSD support is written by and supplied by Acer. And that code is not native to Honeycomb. Look up "Google Experience Device" and learn a little something before spouting off and looking like an idiot.
  • Here's a question. Why do all the twits who DID NOT buy the XOOM when it arrived, now take a feeble minded "told you so" stance? They've never bought the tablet, and probably never will buy a tablet of any variety. Here's my response to you (again). I was an early adopter of the XOOM. I LOVE IT. I'm ready with my 4G LTE data source, I'm ready with WIFI and I'm ready with tether action from my unlimited phone plans. There you have it. Regardless of the $$ spent per month, I'm a big red fan. They're in front of the technology, and hopefully have learned something along the way about over-promising & under-delivering. As for you, you'll continue to sit on the sidelines with your old crappy windows xp laptops and wonder why the rest of us kick your keister down the road with our toys & technology. Keep your frivolous and tiresome fanboy opinions to yourselves.
  • I am also very happy with my Xoom, it's an excellent tablet in my humble opinion....although, not a big fan of Big Red (nothing against them, though, they're just too pricey for my taste).
  • I love my WiFi only Xoom too, and am really happy with it. I do have a few crashes of the browser here and there, but otherwise no issues. Has lack of SD support caused me problems? Nope; 32GB of on-board memory has suited me fine (and I have 9 large format movies loaded up). I've used it for work as well as home use. It's a great tablet!
  • LOL...justify your wages dollars however passionately you want. What can your Zoom do that my 2008 MacBook or Sensation cant?
  • @jbrandonf - you're really missing the point of tablets if you want functionality that can't be found in a laptop. You should probably never buy one, never read about them...and for the love of god...never comment on them again. Some of us don't have "wage" concerns and want new shiny toys - so to that end, what can your sensation do that your previous phone could not? :)
  • I could have bought a Netbook, sure. But that's not what I wanted (my wife wanted one, and that's what she got). I wanted a Tablet; Something I can sit on the couch, or in bed with and surf the internet in a screen large enough to enjoy without straining my eyes. I didn't need or want a keyboard, so I didn't need a macbook or a netbook. Touch screen control are great for web navigation without having to use an external mouse of the silly touch pad thing in that awkward crouch position I find myself doing. Your sensation is a great phone, and so is my Mytouch 4G, but the screen on both phones isn't ideal for surfing, watching YouTube, etc for long periods of time. I tried that, and had been doing that since I had a G1, and I was ready for a grownup device for my home experience. The phone is for when I'm out and about and need to get online, directions, and minor game play/entertainment while not at home. The tablet experience is something that's not bulky, easy to see on, and makes surfing etc more enjoyable.
  • I've had microSD support on my US Xoom Wifi for month's now. Rooting + Custom Kernels FTW!!!!
  • And this is why I don't own one. I really don't get the mentality of "Pay now, get features (maybe) later" marketing.
  • Amazing how everyone cries for Stock Android, untouched by manufacturer impurities but when Moto decides to do that, "Waaaah! It doesn't have the features I want! No one else has only stock Android, stock Android sucks! Waaaah!" It's quite pathetic, really.
  • Just want to make sure everyone are on the same page. Xoom and Honeycomb both support sdcard. The Os and Apps can access the sdcard now. The issue is user can't access the sdcard via usb cable. I have a Xoom and I use dropbox and ftp to exchange files between my zoom and pc. As a Xoom owner, I don't see a need to use the usb cable to access the sdcard. I would like to have netflix access more than anything else.
  • Dude you are sadly mistaken. Why don't you look into that a little closer. The xoom does NOT support the SDCard slot yet. In fact, If you go onto settings/storage you will not see the sdcard nor a facility to "MOUNT" or "UNMOUNT" the SDCard because it is not supported. I think what your Luddite self has done is installed a "File manager" that has not been optimized for Honeycomb (ie. OI file manager)and because you see "SDCard" in its GUI you think the OS has access to the SDCARD. Wrong....eeerrrr. That is the Xoom's 32G of onboard memory that you think is the SDCard.
    And I have had Netflix on my Xoom since day one. If your technical Kungfu was any better you would have checked out "Playon" already.
  • I think marketing/publicity has been the biggest issue for the Xoom and perceived issues (like SD card support being MIA still). I dont' find the SD card issue an issue, but 32GB is quite enough for me. (I think I might only use it to move things between my phone and my tablet). But functionally its a great tablet and does everything I need. The only thing I say its missing is Netflix support. All that tablet screen goodness and no streaming Netflix app... so sad (but its a want and not a need). But I'm happy I bought mine and I use it daily. I have the WiFi only version and I made the right choice for me as I only use it at home or in a hotel when I travel. And it has flash... (which is why I didn't buy a iPad)
  • It is not Rock Science is it, you geologists ?
    The Xoom rushed 3.1 out to beat the Samsung 10.1 in the USA.
    Outside the USA, the Xoom was sold AFTER 3.1 came out. So this means a new update beyond 3.1 is needed in the USA,
    But outside the USA 3.1 is not out yet (nor is the Samsung 10.1 thing 75xx series). This means their/our 3.1 can address the SD microcard issue (do not need 2 updates), but the USA needs the 2nd update.. A bit confusing, but even I understand it
    Tell me I a wrong... go ahead ;-)
  • Sure, you're wrong. The phrase is actually, "ROCKET science" not "rock science." Just saying, since you asked :)
  • Don't see what the big fuss is all about. I've had my Xoom for 3 months now...I've honestly forgotten it even has a sdcard slot. With 32GB onboard, find it pretty hard to even fill half of that at any given time. With Google Music, I can't even remember the last time I used a USB cable. On the hand, if Moto promised it, then yeah, they have to deliver.