Motorola Sholes to Launch on Verizon in October

BGR got his hands on some Verizon internal documents and it details estimated release dates and costs for upcoming Verizon handsets. There's Blackberry, Nokia, and other devices in there but we don't care about that. Not at all. We have our eyes locked on the Motorola Sholes Google Phone with an October launch date. Yep, Verizon users--you'll be getting your Android soon enough!

This confirms previous rumors pointing the Sholes in Verizon's direction but surprises us by launching a wee bit sooner than expected. October is going to be exciting times for Android. We can't wait to get our hands on all the new Android devices expected to hit by the end of the year!

No pricing information has been reported but we're sure it's all going to make sense come September 10th.

Casey Chan