Motorola returns to China with all-new Moto X Pro in tow

Now that Lenovo has officially acquired Motorola, it looks like the purveyor of Moto X's is looking to break back into China. The company announced today that it will be coming to the country early this year with a set of three devices: the Moto X, Moto G (with LTE), and the all new Moto X Pro.

From Motorola:

With the Lenovo acquisition complete, Motorola is returning to China -- one of the world's fastest-growing smartphone markets -- in triumphant fashion, introducing three of its latest devices. The new Moto X, new Moto X Pro and new Moto G with 4G LTE will all go on sale in early 2015.

Perhaps the biggest news out of this announcement is the new Moto X Pro. The X Pro looks to be built with the same hardware as the Nexus 6, but should include Motorola's custom software additions — always a good thing.

Of course, we're already very familiar with the Moto X and Moto G. However, it looks like the latter will be the 4G LTE version with a slightly bigger battery that was spotted late last month on Motorola's Brazilian site.

As for availability, Motorola says that the Moto X will be available in early February for Chinese customers, while the Moto X Pro and Moto G should be available sometime after the Spring Festival.

Source: Motorola Blog