New Droid incoming

Although Motorola is all about the Moto X, the Moto G and the Moto 360 these days, the manufacturer is not neglecting its exclusive partnership with Verizon with regards to the Droid line of smartphones. We may not have to wait long to see a new device added to Big Red's roster, as CNET mentions that Motorola is working on launching a new Droid smartphone next month.

Although an exact launch date was not mentioned, one of the key aspects of the upcoming Droid smartphone is said to be its fast-charging capability, which Motorola already hinted at from the @DroidLanding Twitter account earlier this month. While the last two generations saw three simultaneous device launches, this time around Motorola is said to be considering just one new device.

Per CNET, the device is listed under the codename Quark, with the retail device likely to be called the Droid Turbo, which highlights the quick-charge feature, as well as the rumored specs, which make for delightful reading.

Earlier leaks indicated the possibility of a 4.6-inch quad-HD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, 2.65 GHz Snapdragon 805 SoC, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, 20 MP camera and Android 4.4.4 KitKat. Yep, that's a QHD display on a 4.6-inch screen, which comes out to a pixel density of 640 PPI.

While earlier Droid devices were no slouches, they haven't boasted specs as ridiculous as this. As such, we suggest you take the information with a grain of salt. Eager to discuss more about the possibility of a QHD Droid Turbo? Be a part of the discussion in our forums.

What do you guys think? How many of you will be buying the Droid Turbo if it actually launched with the rumored specs?

Source: CNET

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