Motorola reportedly doing all Android in 2010

Motorola is among the top Android phone manufacturers right now, and it looks like it's going to increase its standing in 2010. CNet Asia spoke with Spiros Nikolakopoulos, VP and GM of  Asia Pacific and International Distribution for Moto's Mobile Devices end, who says:

  • Look for 20 to 30 smartphones worldwide in 2010 "and, at this moment, all of them will run Android." (Sorry, Windows Mobile)
  • One-third of Moto's Android engineering team is in the U.S., another third in Korea and another third in China. Now word on how many people that entails.
  • The "Motoroi" brand is specifically for Korea. the Chinese version of the phone will go by a different name. (And we assume the U.S. version, too, if and when it comes here.)
  • Opening up MotoBlur is "on the cards" (sic), but no time frame was given.

Between the Droid, Cliq, Backflip and now the Motoroi (or whatever it ends up being called), we're certainly seeing loads of good Motorola fare on our end. And it looks like 2010 may have more in store. [CNet Asia via wmpoweruser]

Phil Nickinson