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Motorola RAZR i receiving Jelly Bean OTA in the UK

The RAZR i, Motorola's tweak of the RAZR M with an Intel chip inside, is receiving its Jelly Bean update in the U.K. starting today. Although its cousin the RAZR M started to receive its Jelly Bean update back in November, there are certainly some extra tweaks required to getting the update ready for devices with Intel processors still. The RAZR i Jelly Bean rollout started in France just a few short days ago, so the U.K. isn't far behind here.

The update will bring all of the notable improvements of Jelly Bean, including Project Butter, Google Now and improved notifications. Motorola says the update will begin rolling today and will head out in phases (of course). If you've got your hands on a RAZR i, keep on the lookout for a system update notification.

Source: Motorola (opens in new tab); More: Motorola RAZR i Forums

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  • Anyone know what Wallpaper that is on the phone?
  • Anyone know how to get that clock/weather/battery widget setup?
  • It's the "Circles" widget. It should be a standard part of the Moto release...