Motorola Financing

Take 18 months to pay off your brand new Moto X

Motorola is now offering $0 down and 0 percent financing for any order from its website. While it is being called a "credit account" rather than a credit card, the deal seems about the same — make purchases from Motorola's online store and check out with a $0 balance if you're an account holder, and pay it off over time instead. You then have up to 6 or 12 months to pay off your bill (it isn't clear what the dollar threshold for those are), or 18 months to pay if your purchase was over $549 — conveniently the price of an off-contract Moto X.

As is usually the case with credit, you'll be charged at an interest rate of 28.99 percent if you don't meet the terms, so you'll probably want to pay off that customized Moto X before the year and a half runs out. Motorola indicates that the minimum payment per month on purchases will be the total purchase amount divided by the number of months to pay off — $30.50 monthly for a $549 Moto X, for example.

It probably isn't the route that everyone will take to pick up phones directly from Motorola, but it can surely take the sting out of that $549 (or more) price when buying off-contract.

Source: Motorola