Could that weird Motorola Android device we saw last week actually be the Motorola MT820 pictured above? The button arrangement is different but the transparent flip screen, camera placement, and general shape is very familiar. If they're not the same phone (one being prototype, other being final), they at least have to be part of the same family right?

The MT820 certainly looks a lot better than what we previously saw but that could be the higher resolution shots talking. We're still unsure about the whole 'flip' form factor but rumors are suggesting that the extra screen allows the MT820 to display 3D images. The MT820 is headed to China's TD-SCDMA network, which means we'll likely never see the phone. Not like we were dying for it in this first place, the form factor is still too weird and 3D is currently more a gimmicky feature than anything. What do you guys think? Do we want 3D on our phones yet? Ever?

Hit the link to see more pictures of the MT820 [slashphone]