Remember that weirdly designed Motorola Android device, the Motosplit? Well, if these new rumored details are to be believed, that weird Motosplit is going to get even weirder. Yeah, we didn't think it was possible either. To quote:

The keyboard keys are inset and probably have no tactile feedback, however, they should be quite easy to use. It looks like the cutouts are pretty finger-friendly, as they contour to the shape of a standard finger. Under those cutouts is a low-resolution monochrome touch screen, one for each side of the keyboard. This is where the finger presses. The contact area is small, but the plastic grid that surrounds it contours to the fingers. The label and function of each key can be changed to suit certain layouts and applications.

The keyboard has multiple orientations. The keyboard can be pulled from side to side for typing on a surface. A small kickstand angles the phone when typing in this manner. The keyboard can also be pulled to the left for a standard landscape layout. There is also a dial-pad layout.

The Motosplit is also rumored to have the same processor as the Motorola Backflip, not the 1GHz Snapdragon processor we had originally heard about. That Backflip processor would be the fairly standard Qualcomm MSM7201A 528MHz processor and from our time with it, was a tad bit slow.

We're glad that Motorola is exploring different form factors but we really can't imagine how this would really work out. If it does have the ability to display different keys on the keyboard in different orientations, that's kind of cool. But is it cool enough to compromise usability? We'll toss Moto some faith here because the Backflip actually turned out to be a lot better than what we originally thought. Here's to Motorola pulling it off again. The Motosplit is still expected to launch on AT&T in Q3 2010.

[via androidcommunity]