Motorola MOTOLUXE and DEFY Mini priced and dated

UK online retailer Clove Technology has just revealed when it expects to ship two new mid-range Motorola phones, along with information on exactly how much each device will set you back.

The Motorola MOTOLUXE, which we saw last week at CES, is due in "late February/early March", for £258 (~$400) including VAT. For your money, you'll get Android 2.3.7 on Motorola's "Moto Switch 2.0" UI, running an 800MHz processor on a 4.0-inch display. The DEFY Mini, which is a more pocketable version of Moto's popular rugged device, is due around the same time as the MOTOLUXE, and can be yours for £175 (~$270).

Hit the source link for pre-order information for both devices, or check out our hands-on with the MOTOLUXE from CES for more on that device.

Source: Clove Technology Blog

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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