Motorola Morrison Android Phone Pictured Again, Runs Android

We've already seen the Motorola Morrison Android Phone before so this picture isn't exactly groundbreaking, but any news regarding Moto and Android basically excites us to no end so we had to pass on the news. Unlike the previous snapshot of the Morrison, this picture actually showcases Android being run on the phone. There's little doubt that this oddly color coordinated phone will run Android.

Taking a closer look at the picture reveals more: there's a T-Mobile logo on the bottom right edge of the screen which along with the T-Mobile Android roadmap, all but confirms the Motorola Morrison as headed to T-Mobile. The black face of the screen looks 'higher end' than the original 'white face' which just looked silly to be honest. We could do without the blue but hey, you can't win 'em all.

In the end, as much as we love the idea of Moto and Android together, we're definitely more excited for both the Motorola Calgary and Ironman, two other Motorola devices expected to run Android. This Motorola Morrison, though a solid effort, seems to be targeted towards text-heavy teenagers, not exactly our demographic. We want the real Motorola. What do you guys think?

[via phandroid]

Casey Chan