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Motorola may have teased the next-gen Moto 360 in new video

Motorola has posted a new video on its Twitter account which includes renders of what may be the next-generation Moto 360. The render looks nearly identical to the images which the Lenovo CEO posted and then removed, and there are some distinct differences when compared to the current hardware.

First, the button placement on the rendered model sits at around the 2 o'clock mark, compared to the 3 o'clock placement of the current hardware. Additionally, it appears as though the second-generation hardware will feature proper lugs to make it easier to swap out the standard bands for more custom options. Unfortunately, the "flat tire" is still shown here, which is something that many were not a fan of the first time around

Whether this was intentional or accidental on Motorola's part, we don't know, but with the original hardware rapidly approaching its first birthday, it is about time for a refresh.

Source: @Motorola

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  • That black bar though. Well, looks like I'm going towards the new Samsung Gear watch when it comes. Posted via the Android Central App
  • but you are ok with thick bezel around the watch. thast what the leak shows
  • Yes. That ugly bar is the reason I sold my 360. Posted via the Android Central App
  • To each their own, but I've never thought twice about the "flat tire's" presence. It's a beautiful watch, and I can't wait to see what V2 brings. Posted via the Android Central App
  • bother by it or not, I would think that Motorola would have gotten rid of the one thing that every person constantly bitches about on that watch... I know I would have!
  • "bothered by it or not" = Acknowledging that not EVERYONE is bothered by it. "the one thing that every person constantly birches about" = stupidly back-peddling against previous acknowledgment. If you KNOW that not everyone is bothered by it, why would you go on to say that every one is bitching about it?
  • Birches? I'm unaware of what them means? Definitely wasn't in my comment that was quoted, and quotation marks usually signify a word for word quote of what somebody else has said... So why would you use quotation marks but not type exactly what was said? Regardless, I believe I can still attempt to field that question. Simple, because using specific numbers like "98.385% percent of people... " would require me to go through the forums and take note of all the opinions of all the threads just to get the data to do the math. And that isn't likely to change the point of the message. It's just easier to round that number up to keep it simple for the Internets. With over 6 billion people on this rock, it's fair to say "everyone" is rarely ever actually everyone. On a second subject, are saying that if you were the engineers in charge of designing that product, that you would ignore the fact that the "flat tire" display is by a long shot the most complained about feature of the watch, and you would have left it the same way? Or would you have tried something a little different as to have a better change at making the perfect* watch while fixing your biggest complaint? *giving that no product will ever be "perfect", some can be darn close. #SomewhereThereIsABridgeMissingItsTroll
  • ProTIp:
    when quoting people, its much easier and quicker to use Ctrl+C (for copy) and Ctrl+V (for paste)
    after all, you wouldn't want to say anything that wasnt 100% accurate...
  • if it will allow you to sleep better at night, from this point on, I will make the comment "I would think that Motorola would have gotten rid of the one thing that every person that bitches about it, constantly bitches about on that watch" or I will just say "if I were Motorola*, I would change the one thing that gets constantly bitched about" I know how tricky of a place the internets cab be sometimes, and I wouldn't want people getting confused or sidetracked on the unimportant parts of the message... * I realize that no person could actually be a company like Motorola, this comment was more like a short version of saying "the Motorola engineers responsible for that certain project"
  • Same here. The bar doesn't bother me in the least. I'm waiting to see what TAG brings this fall. If it is solid and upgradeable then I am in. Posted via the Android Central App
  • The flat tire's never really bothered me either. I love mine.
  • Samsung Gear 2, doesnt use Android thanks!!
  • Samsung gear also have less apps compared to Android wear. Android wear has more than 4 times the apps
  • That may be true. But Samsung still has more Gear users than all of Wear combined. Posted via the Android Central App
  • what good does that do to you?? more apps is better than more people owning the watch.
    does more people having the watch have any advantage to you?? even with less watch Android wear has more apps which proves more developers build apps for wear
  • agreed... one of the most sold cars in the world is the Toyota corolla. and I can tell you, I sure as shit wouldn't buy one...
  • Plus a much better battery since the OS doesn't destroy it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • If you are so concerned about battery life and don't care about the os you should get a windows phone. Ive seen flagships last for over 2 days and have better camera than most of these year flagships (sans S6 and G4).
  • I'm sure more people own standard watches than both Samsung and wear combined and you don't have to worry about battery life.
  • That's what's so great about it. LOL. AW needs serious work. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is my problem with any samsung accessory lately. I am not going to buy ANYTHING that locks me into a particular brand. That watch will only work with samsung phones. And while i own an s6 now, i am not a samsung loyalist at all. Especially cause there is no reason (except samsung tyring to lock you in) to make it this way. I could see making a few exclusive features when you use with a Samsung phone but F THAT. If i wanted to be locked into 1 brand I would own an apple phone.
  • Watch works only with Samsung phone? No thanks.
  • If you have Samsung that's not an issue, which I'm assuming that guy does. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I tried them all and only Moto felt good on my wrist, so even that I'm not a big fan of that bottom bar I would still buy it. via AC App
    on VZW Moto X 2014/2013 DE/N7
  • If they kept the flat tire how many people would not be interested in buying for that sole reason?
  • Count me in that camp. Next?
  • If they'd gotten rid of the flat tire, I'd actually consider it. I know a lot of people who own the Moto 360 say they don't even notice it after a while, but I just can't un-see it.
  • Me and I'm sure the majority of others. With the Huawei Watch and others about to hit, this thing is DOA with that flat tire. It's actually hard to believe they were that clueless and naive not to fix this major complaint.
  • I don't mind the flat tire at all. I have both the black and silver 360 currently and all I really want out of the forthcoming next gen is better hardware. The current battery gets me through the day no problem (off at 6am, on at 11pm).
  • As another person that actually owns one I agree - of the things that aren't perfect with the 360, the flat tire isn't at the top of the list for me. The thickness is too much. The screen resolution isn't terrible but I'd like better. The processor isn't adequate to make the watch feel "snappy". I'd absolutely love a completely round screen, but the flat tire isn't quite the end of the world that some people like to make it out to be.
  • Same boat. The flat tire is a non factor to me. I wear mine daily and absolutely love it. With the last update everything came together on my 360 and has become part of my daily routine. I feel out of sync without it. I do wish it was a little faster and lighter though. Probably going to sit this one out and hope a version 3.0 happens.
  • The only people I ever hear complaint about the "flat tire" are people who don't actually own a Moto 360. I've never noticed performance issues with my 360 (outside of the occasional random stutter), but I can understand why people would want it smaller.
  • They don't own it because of the flat tire... Posted via the Android Central App
  • But the original post is correct. They might decide not to buy it because of the flat tire, but almost all of us who actually own the moto 360 say it quickly becomes a non factor. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I am not in the market for a wearable yet, but yeah that flat tire would throw it to the bottom of my list
  • But that's the point. You don't own the watch and are assuming the flat tire will be a distraction. Once you own it, it becomes a non-issue. I was so concerned about it I almost bought the lg gr instead. I've had my moto 360 for two months and unless I'm reading an article or post about the flat tire, I forget it's there. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't have to own it to know it is a turn off. It is a preference. Some can get past it and that is great. I don't not like it, either in pictures or in real life, so I would never buy it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not for me it wasn't Posted via the Android Central App
  • There loss, it's a great looking watch. Flat tire is such a non issue(owner here) . I would rather the flat tire then the bulk of some of the other watches . Posted via the Android Central App
  • Just to add to the chorus of actual Moto 360 owners, I can attest that the flat tire is an absolute non-issue. Perhaps it's hard to believe if you don't own one and only look at these close-up pictures, but you really just don't notice it ever when it's actually on your wrist. It's funny that people are still refusing to buy the 360 because of such a non-issue. There are legitimate reasons not to buy - old processor, thickness, relatively low res, but trust me when I say the flat tire is absolutely not one of them.
  • +1 not an issue when you own one. I have however given in with wear and bough a proper watch. Just found I was pulling out my phone to reply or read the messages anyway. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have one and the flat tyre bugs the hell out of me, so just use black faces. Then its a non-issue. It would be pretty unbelievable if Motorola left it there for next gen. The flat tyre on the Moto 360 is more bearable than the look of any other AW watch though.
  • I don't even notice the "flat tire" on my 360.  I would much rather have the auto-brightness than that extra sliver of screen.
  • THIS A million times
  • Yep I agree, love my 360. Maybe I need to see what is behind that black sliver, because hearing people complain about it, there must be something really awesome. Posted via the Android Central App
  • 100% agree! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Me. Immediate deal breaker.
    That and the fact that LG's watches still look a lot better design-wise.
  • Seeing them side by side, I still think the 360 is a nicer looking and better built watch. It actually looks like real metal, where the LG Urbane somehow looks like chromed plastic, and the GWAR looks like black plastic. I'll give LG the win on the screen for sure.
  • Looking at my GWR, and it doesn't look like plastic Google knows why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch. And they're willing to sell it to you.
  • It's the reason I sold my 360 Posted via the Android Central App
  • They figured, it's either the tire or extra bulk. And they made a right choice. via AC App
    on VZW Moto X 2014/2013 DE/N7
  • +1000000 Posted via the Android Central App
  • ME. Thats the reason i havent bought a v1 and if this is v2 it will be the reason i dont buy one of those too. Especially cause we all know that a completely round watch face is totally possible. This is just laziness.
  • I agree. I have LG urbane and R and love them. They look like real watches. Motorola and fossil are over hyped flat tires that are getting way more attention than a great watch like the urbane. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'd prefer a full-round display, but I still think the 'flat tire' is better than the 'square tire' screens. Can't see in this shot, but it would be nice if they cut the thickness down. I think the new button placement should be more comfortable.
  • exactly. there were some who said they dont like the flat tire and bought Lg or samsung android wear watch whic is flat tire on all four sides
  • Some prefer square watches to round, not as big a deal as a little of both like this one Posted via the Android Central App
  • square preference is fine but complaining about flat tire and buying one which has big bezel is just stupid
  • Apparently it's not. I don't have either, but would certainly prefer one that is uniform. The square face is still square when bordered. The flat tire makes the watch face no longer round. I said with the first version of the 360 that it's not correct when people say Moto sucessfully created a round smartwatch.
  • It's a round watch, just not a completely round watchface ;) Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not really ser given that's how real watches look like. People complaining about bezels on a smartwatch make no sense. SGS6
  • okay Flat tire
  • It looks like there is a subtle lip around the outer edge. Current 360 the glass is above the edge. Better screen protection?
  • Remember that this is a render, not a photo, so lighting may not be perfectly realistic or accurate.
  • I'm still really excited to officially see the Huawei watch. From what I've seen it's a piece of beauty!
  • If they keep the flat tire, with the Huawei Watch, Samsung's new watch, etc. about to hit the market, it may go down as one of the great tech blunders in modern history, up there with the Fire Phone and Kin phones. WTF!
  • Um no the 360 out sold many of the other watches and even after all the "round" watches were out most of the tech world still raved and put the 360 above the rest look it up. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Um yeah... It was the first round smart watch and then vet heavily discounted, so it continued to sell. The market has matured very rapidly since it launched a year ago.
  • Good Bye Moto.... Hello Huawei Watch..... Camera531 Samsung will not be Android Wear.
  • I wonder what the cost would be to implement those sensors behind the screen.
  • Thats a good question! I thought the solution would be to find a way to incorporate the sensors into the bezel. For instance, cutting a section of the bezel away (maybe near the hardware button) and replacing that section with a translucent housing holding the sensors. Meh...we'll see!
  • The flat tire won't bother me as long as the internals are better and the watch itself is slimmer and smaller. But the Samsung watch looked amazing too bad it will have Tizen instead Android.
  • I don't understand why people have probelms with the flat tire. It houses the light sensor and makes it possible for the watch to adjust it's brightness. a very nice feature where you don't have to play around with the brightness when you leave the house or come back. I have a gear fit and I think it's annoying when I go out and forget to set the brightness to high, have to fiddle around until I can yank it up.
  • Still the best looking watch and the only one worth getting. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't mind the flat tire. The battery I have to constantly baby sit, making sure I avoid certain apps and watchfaces, is the huge downer.
  • What apps are you using?  I don't really use any "apps" on my 360, beyond the ones that let me reply to emails and pause media playback, etc, but I have ~40% battery left at the end of an 18 hour day.  I have had two times in the 6 months that I've owned it where the battery just inexplicably died on me in the late afternoon for no good reason, which is annoying.  Figured it was something on the watch crashing and trying to "reload" repeatedly or something.
  • Google Maps Navigation makes it go to crap. And you CAN'T block it. If you block it, it unblocks itself. Every few meters it sends a message with an update to the watch. That means long trips over an hour using Navigation will KILL the watch by the time you reach the destination.
  • I'm not going to put any money down on a another watch with a flat tyre.
  • K
  • How come they can't put the sensor as a ring around the display?
    I won't be updating my lg g watch I got for $80 unless these new watches have speaker support
  • speaker are not good on a watch. The sound is tiny and not clear.
  • Oh look, a flat tire. No thanks.
  • HTC has its black bar. Moto sticks with the flat tire. Posted via the AC app
  • If it's going to get crown, why does it still have the flat tire??? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I understand the hate for the flat tire in theory, but have any of you ever used a smartwatch without the ambient light sensor? I wouldn't trade it for the world. Not getting blinded when you check it at night/at a movie? Check. Being able to see it in broad daylight no matter how bright? Check. Plus, it gives the bottom of the screen and edge so that text doesn't just bleed off the bottom with the beveled edge. I wouldn't even consider getting a smartwatch with a circular display and no light sensor.
  • So, they had ONE thing they had to change to make the design perfect and they didn't? Seriously? I mean, will all the round watches LG came up with that didn't have the black bar, we know it's doable. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah go ahead and try LG on your wrist. And then try Moto 360. If you have an average size you will appreciate the difference. LG look good but it's huge and very uncomfortable. Moto nailed it just like with Moto X first Gen :) via AC App
    on VZW Moto X 2014/2013 DE/N7
  • I said LG because it's the known one. Literally everyone who came out with a circular watch did it without a black bar. Huawei did it too and the watch isn't big. It just seems to me they didn't even try. Posted via the Android Central App
  • When I want to tease the Moto 360 I just call it Flat Tire or sometimes just Flatty.
  • Flat tire still? Seriously?
  • I originally thought the flat tire was a horrible design, until I actually purchased a 360. I use digital watch faces and with a black background you don't even notice it.
    I also use Minimal & Elegant watch face, which allows you to turn the flat tire into something that looks like part of the watch face.
    To me, it's a non issue. Posted via the Android Central App
  • From someone that thought the "flat tire" would be a deal breaker, trust me when I say this.... It's Not. The watch automatically adjust brightness based on current lighting conditions, this is a big deal. You don't realize it until you use a smart watch with out an ambient light sensor. To all that think its an eye sore, you will not even notice it after a week. They way the cards a presented in Android wear makes the black bar blend in. The new watch needs these things to get me to upgrade. A metal back.. Not sure whose design idea it was to put a plastic back on a watch when the straps feed into the frame. Short story is I've had three watches have micro cracks where the bands meet the back. Free replacements btw The glass of the watch needs to be seated below the bezel and if they could shave a mm or two off the thickness that would be awesome. Waterproof...... I typically get thru a day and a half with no charge and I m pleased with that. It's not like I enjoy wearing watches to bed... Posted via the Android Central App
  • If I am not mistaken, if you get rid of the flat tire, then you crop even more visual information from the square watch graphics. I would rather keep more video information, and keep the flat tire
  • You are mistaken.
  • I've got the original Moto 360. Although I'm used to the flat tire, I wish it had a full circle because there are some great looking round faces that I prefer to have with completely round face instead of the flat tire.
  • Love my 360. Just bought a metal band and Im loving it all over again.
    Yes, I would buy the next 360 if I needed it. Great device. Posted via the Android Central App and my Nexus 6
  • Yeah surprised they didn't figure out the black bar . but whatever , its not that bad Posted via the Android Central App
  • I owned a 360 for some time and the old " didn't bother me" with the flat tire is true. I didn't even notice it and honestly if you ask anyone that owned one minus a very select few, they love their watch. I always got complement s on it and I always got second looks. It was and looks to be still a beautiful time piece that can still hold its own if the hardware is up to par. I'm on the looking to buy camp. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Wow, flat tire...
  • The new button position would be a plus for me. Whenever I fold my arms or ride one of my motorcycles, I am always pressing the watch button when i bend my wrist. Don't care about the flat tire. Forgot about it on my 360 until it was brought up here again. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Looks like I'll be passing on Gen 2 for real. Like my 360. I wish someone would take the best of the 360 + SW3 and make a watch to slay some folks... Posted via Xperia Z3
  • That is exactly what I'm waiting for. Sadly, I fear it won't happen for some time. I'm going to buy a smartwatch this year though. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I have a SW3 + Moto 360. That's good enough for now. Approved by the Z3 Tablet Compact!
  • The flat tire is for the ambient lighting is it not? Where else do people want it? Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • Run a wire from the watch to a hat with a sensor on it. Could also put a solar panel on the hat to recharge the watch... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Put it in the otherwise pointless crown button.
  • Actually..... That's an excellent idea. Huh. 10/10 would reuse power button again. Google knows why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch. And they're willing to sell it to you.
  • The flat tire is the reason I waited for version 2 of the 360. The sensor placement resolution must be a tough nut to crack if they kept it in this new design. I thought the solution would be to find a way to incorporate the sensors into the bezel. For instance, cutting a section of the metal bezel away (maybe near the hardware button) and replacing that section with a translucent housing holding the sensors. Meh...we'll see!
  • It will come down to how they price it. I think we really need a good sub $200 watch. With a good battery life somewhere in the 3 to 5 days of real world use.
  • Don't think it's going to be priced that low in the beginning. What chipset would Moto use other than SD 400/410, that's low on cost and energy efficient? Samsung's exyonos? Mediatek's? Posted via the Android Central App
  • I've been waiting for this and from what we can see am already liking the 360. It now has a real watch looks, swappable bands and looks thinner the first gen. Now the rest of the spec is what's missing as 'flat tire' isn't on my list of dislike.
  • Can't wait to see it person and if it fits as well as the original. And if battery life is significantly improved I'll buy it right away. If not I'll grab the original for 100$ or less :) via AC App
    on VZW Moto X 2014/2013 DE/N7
  • It never ceases to amaze me how many people LOVE to tell everyone they aren't interested in a product. Posted via the Android Central App
  • These are the same people that talk trash about pro athletes and the horrible design of the new Lamborghini.
  • The original moto 360 was beautiful because it didn't have large, ugly lugs but it was ugly for having the black bar. Now the moto 360 has large, ugly lugs and keeps the black bar... they didn't have their thinking caps on now did they.
  • I just bought a Moto 360 because of the reasonable price. The "spare tire" issue doesn't bother me nor the size. I use a g shock style watch for my work because I would destroy the 360 and it's much bigger and bulkier than the 360 so the current size also doesn't bother me. I get somewhat of a kick out of processor complaints because it's a damn watch. I don't want a watch with 2 gbs of ram and 1/2 hour battery life. I like the Huwei watch but current pricing speculation is way over my budget. I read $300-$1000 depending on model/style selection. It would be nice to see a new Moto with a speaker for audible notifications however.
    Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't care about the flat tire as long as the huge screen and adaptive brightness stay. Posted via the Android Central App
  • i'm still waiting for someone (other than sammy) to make a watch that does not rely on being connected to a smartphone. Other than the galaxy gear s, there's nothing out there like it.
  • So you'd leave your phone at home and buy that watch instead? Think about it.
  • So.... If I were to want to buy one of the first gen 360 as my first budget wearable where is a reputable place to do so? And would I still get the free replacements for the cracking of the plastic on the back even though I'm not original owner? Posted via the Android Central App
  • This will go well with my Moto X Style. Honestly I don't see what all the fuss is about that "flat tire" at the bottom of the display of the Moto 360 2nd Gen, that is being extremely picky and superficial. It's a smart watch probably won't even notice it when I'm wearing it. To each their own I guess. Posted via the Android Central App on my Moto G 4G 2nd Gen
  • The flat tire is necessary evil in a circular watch this small. Look at the LG watch r/urbane. They don't need a flat tire only because their watch is absolutely huge and has the space to accommodate this elsewhere (note these watches are much bigger than the 360 but have a smaller screen size) . This is the trade off to fit the required sensors in a smaller circular watch. If moto 360 keep the same size, unless they have a technological moment of brilliance, we are likely to see the flat tire again. I own the moto 360 and you don't really notice it after a while. Some watch faces are also designed with the flat tire in mind In addition to this, the main general feedback from the current moto 360 is that the internal hardware is way off the specs of what else is available (5 year old hardware used) . Maybe they wanted to focus more on the internal spec than the design as this was one of the standout striking features of this beautiful watch which made it as popular as it is Posted via the Android Central App
  • I hear what people are saying about the Flat Tyre, and not noticing it after a while, but this is something you're going to look at all day. It's just bad business to keep a 'feature' that is so divisive - imagine if it turned out the watch was only going to be available in bright lime green? Sure there would be people who like it, or "don't notice it after a while" but there will also be so many like me that will just look elsewhere.
  • I also own the 360 and never notice the flat tire. If it bothers you, go with a black watch won't even see the flat spot. Once the 360 hit $150' it was a no-brainer for me. Very nice device. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yep, that was the price point I couldn't resist buying it at either. I didn't like the idea of the "flat tire" but with the right watch face, it never bothers me. Minimal and Elegant is one of my favorite. I really like the Little Worlds.
  • Unfathomable . . . .
  • If the screen is the same size as the original, then those lugs would definitely make the watch too wide for my wrist. It makes me glad I have the original Moto 360 because the straps are closer together where they connect to the watch, making it fit nicely even though my wrists are skinny.
  • I think this one is significantly smaller than the original or the render is way off. Look at how big the button is and compare it to your existing 360. Either the button got much bigger or the diameter of the watch got smaller, or the render is completely off.
  • After reading all the comments, I registered just to clear some things up: Anyone who owns the current moto 360 knows the flat tire is a non-issue. Since the 5.1 wear update, battery life is a non-issue (you charge it when you go to bed, why do you need a 3-day charge?). The "ancient" TI SOC is a non-issue; it is plenty powerful for a watch, and more power-efficient than a newer Snapdragon. Anyone who complains about these things has never owned one or is nitpicking. It's a waterproof, Bluetooth and Wifi connected, dual microphone, Gorilla-glass faced WATCH with a glowing high-DPI screen set into a billet stainless steel body and packed with half a dozen gyroscopes, a heart sensor, and a QI wireless charger. If that's not worth $150-300 to you, DON'T BUY IT, and save me the trouble of reading your uninformed opinion. Good day.
  • Had one, couldn't deal with having to charge it ever other day. Fact of the matter is watches should low maintenance in my opinion. Needing do worry about the charge of my laptop, tablet, and phone already adding the watch on top just wasn't an option. I'm actually awaiting the Vector Luna with its claimed 30 day battery. We'll see how that goes.
  • UGH! I've been wanting the Moto watch but have been waiting for the new one, thinking they'd get rid of the "flat tire". This is disappointing if it's still there. For all those saying it doesn't bother them or they don't notice it after a while. That's not exactly a selling point. We all must agree that it not being there would be much better than it doesn't bother you that it is there. It's a negative on the watch. One that would be about perfect without the flat tire.