Motorola may have just shown off the new Moto 360

Motorola has posted a new video on its Twitter account which includes renders of what may be the next-generation Moto 360. The render looks nearly identical to the images which the Lenovo CEO posted and then removed, and there are some distinct differences when compared to the current hardware.

First, the button placement on the rendered model sits at around the 2 o'clock mark, compared to the 3 o'clock placement of the current hardware. Additionally, it appears as though the second-generation hardware will feature proper lugs to make it easier to swap out the standard bands for more custom options. Unfortunately, the "flat tire" is still shown here, which is something that many were not a fan of the first time around

Whether this was intentional or accidental on Motorola's part, we don't know, but with the original hardware rapidly approaching its first birthday, it is about time for a refresh.

Source: @Motorola