Moto Hint

The company previously bundled the Hint with all off-contract purchases of the Moto X, but those who don't follow avail the deal then can now take the plunge and invest in the Bluetooth accessory, saving $50 in the process. It's worth noting that the original price of $149.99 will be reinstated on June 30. Also, the price reduction appears to affect all variants of the Hint.

The Moto Hint is much more than a standard Bluetooth headset, however. The accessory provides you control of your phone without ever having to be in the same room. You can simply talk into the headset to perform a number of tasks, much as you would while using a voice command assistant on the phone. Do hurry if interested as you only have a few days to act before the deal closes.

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Source: Motorola, via: Android Authority

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