Motorola Flipout possibly coming to AT&T

If you're on AT&T and looking longingly at that Motorola Charm, you may soon see its older brother make an appearance. Our tipster says it's currently in testing with AT&T (whose other Android phones are the Moto Backflip, HTC Aria and upcoming Samsung Captivate).

It's said to have Android 2.1 on board, and we assume (and very much hope) will have the same improvements to Motoblur that the Charm, Cliq and Cliq XT will have. We have to assume at this point that AT&T will keep the Flipout locked down to not allow the sideloading of apps -- which we still hate to see, but likely a decision that won't greatly impact someone who's looking for a phone of this kind in the first place. We're also told that "Test units have Yahoo as the browser default," just like the Backflip.

One more picture after the break, folks. Thanks, anonymous.

  • At&t gets all the unique phone. Too bad they SUCK!
  • That maybe is cause of the iPhone
  • Yeah, AT&T used to be the place for cool phones but now it seems that Verizon has the phones *and* the network.
  • this phones a joke, but hey to each their own i guess.
  • Ehh...I don't care for it and I'm on AT&T. Just waiting on the greenlight for Froyo on the Aria. I hope the Aria's getting Froyo.
  • motorola gives at&t the reject androids lmao. first the backflip, now this thing that looks like a nokia twist with android.. im sure, just like the nokia, it's gonna break after like a month of playing with it
  • Thats fine with me. Let all the crappy phones go to that crappy carrier. Its fitting.
  • Live wallpapers look horrible on that screen.