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Motorola Droid's Android 2.1 update status updated on Facebook

Not much to say other than Motorola's still working on the Android 2.1 update for the Droid, but at least a Facebook update is better than nothing, right? For what it's worth, we pestered everybody we could at CTIA to try and get a better answer, but to no avail. Here's the full text of the facebook post:

We know you guys are anxiously awaiting the upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1. Ultimately, we want to ensure you have the best possible experience on your device; as a result, the rollout is taking longer than expected. Though we don't have the new deployment date to share just yet, we do promise we are working to get you updated information and will relay it as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience. We appreciate it

Hang in there, folks. [Facebook]

  • Well at least we got skype mobile to hold us over until that.
  • Skype is all hype, no real use. Google voice is a much better alternative.
  • Yeah I'm on my 3rd Motorola Droid because of the voice clarity too. They kept putting me off too til my 30days was up, so if this update doesn't fix it, I'm exchanging for the Eris. At least on the Eris people can hear you right? I got rude with them, so they will actually let you change phones after you've tried it 3 different times. Still no update here in Ohio
  • I'd rather wait than have my phone bricked. Only annoyance is my local Verizon store is trying to hold off on swapping me out a new phone because the 2.1 update is supposed to have voice clarity improvements. My problem is when people talk to me on the phone some say it sounds like I'm talking through wax paper.
  • Yeah, right.
    As SOON as possible. And guess what? HK version of Milestone already got 2.1, with all the goodies, including live wallpaper and the feature to configure up to 9(!) homescreens. We Droid users are waiting for something that's supposed to come out SOON since a month ago. Also, it's not "We will deploy the update ASAP", rather "We will update information and relay it ASAP" Probably it's going to be another SOON after the deploy information is updated.
  • WTF is the deal??!??!? Is ESE53 done and VZW can't find a way to push it out, or does Moto need to fix bugs in ESE53?? If its the latter, we will have to wait weeks.
  • oh god, not again from moto.
  • i agree
  • Epic Fail ~
  • Well aren't u just a big bunch of rudeness. Some people can't hear on their phone, and are waiting on important reasons for the update, not just eye candy. People can't even hear me on the other end, and I'm on Droid number three. Verizon kept saying, "wait for the update". Now it's been over 30 days. So before you start using vulgar language, get all the facts genius.
  • All you complainers really need to just STFU already! The update will get here when it gets here. You bought a phone with no guarantee that you'd get any updates to it at all. Be thankful that Motorola and Verizon are even bothering to try and put 1 out. And in case you aren't aware, there's significant work that needs to be done to properly code Android for the hardware that it's to be installed on. I'd much rather wait for it to be done properly than to have it rushed out the door quickly just to satiate the desire of some people to have it now. My Droid is already awesome and I will continue to enjoy it until such time as 2.1 is pushed to it.
  • The problem with your reply is: 1) Motorola passed the update to Verizon 3-4 weeks ago, it's had plenty of time to be tested, reviewed/fixed, had Verizon software added to the image (because you know they are), and then pushed to all the Droid users 8-10 times. 2) The Verizon employees that anyone has talked to that received the update in the test push, have all reported it working perfectly, and loving it (that's right no bricks). 3) It appears one of the companies contracted a third party data warehouse to push the update (no one seems to know if this was done by Verizon or Motorola), only to find out after the fact that the data warehouse didn't have the capacity necessary to handle the update push. So someone did not do their due diligence (sort of like you telling everyone to 'STFU' without knowing wtf you're talking about). 4) You're a moron.
  • agreed, i'm fine with waiting, but i don't like being told a *certain* date with the accompanying verbiage that would legitimize it, then nothing happens in that time frame and a week late i get an oops? c'mon! y'all gotta do better, non-performance is a huge issue... and the facebook update was such a cheesy line, sell that Kraft to put in their blue box, i ain't buying and speaking of facebook updates, does anyone know how to bypass that stupid "touch" version, why would i choose a scaled down version when i have a full browser on my phone? these continual re-routes thru the touch facebook pages really gets on my nerves, makes me wanna throw the phone into the wall at times, i love this phone, but that is really irritating, especially when i didn't ask to go to the touch site, it just decided for itself.
  • If I had 1 super power it would be the ability to value and devalue any companies stock instantly! I would drop VZW's stock by 1/3 of it's market value and they would know the reason is my droid isn't running an official 2.1 update thereby forcing them to (in the spirit of answering ultimately to the shareholders) to pool all their resources into getting me that update!
    /useless post
  • This crumb from Motorola is better than the empty plate VZW is passing around. Even if you're delayed, it's good practice to keep your (paying) customers in the loop. A quick search on Twitter will reveal a growing number of Verizon customers who, despite being pleased with the call quality, are ready to walk. The Droid 2.1 update has been dragging on forever. Add to that, a let down at CTIA with a no-show by the Incredible and no announcement about the Nexus One. Verizon can make all the map commercials it wants. If it doesn't carry the devices people want (crave) they will lose. The curious thing about the delay of 2.1 for Droid is that it's running a straight Android UI. While HTC shouldn't get a complete pass for the delays updating its devices, it, at least, has to make changes to Sense UI to fit the update.
  • First off, I would much rather them post the date they are shooting for in terms of release. Obviously, they have a target in mind and I would much rather someone say "hey we are shooting for March 30th, but things might change". I think more people would accept that answer better even if it did have to be pushed. Finally, "taking longer than expected".... The Sistine Chapel was painted in less time
  • I can't belive people are that pissed about not having 2.1 yet. If you're that pissed pay your $350 ETF and go.
  • You can't believe that people are pissed about being lied to on release dates for 2 months by 2 different companies? Yeah... that's a mystery. Are you retarded or just stupid?
  • Droid owners are pissed, not so much because we don't have 2.1 yet, but because Moto has been acting like the Keystone Kops, with several announcements of the update about to be released, then bac-the-bus-up cancellations. Frankly then look comically incompetent, the way they have been misleading people.
  • hold up, 2.0.1 vs. 2.1 isn't a huge deal, but not having flash keeps you from a multitude of useful pages
  • Personally I've only been a Droid owner for only a little over a month now after throwing my BB Storm in the trash and paying FULL retail for my new Droid. From what I understand people have been waiting for 2.1, flash 10.1, blah blah blah (insert what ever you've been waiting on here) for a while now. But my point is (with 2.1 anyway) that it IS coming, you're going to get it.
    Personally I stand with Android_Guy and ChocoBilly, the phone does a hell of a lot more than I thought a phone could do right out of the box. It's nice not having to load a new ROM or some user created radio code every other week just so my phone will complete an damn phone call without having to do a battery pull to end it. RIM was freakin' horrible and released that phone onto the public early and full of flaws (both software and hardware) so they could get the Christmas sales. Then instead of fixing their fail phone, just went on to pimp Storm 2 and left us unhappy and several hundred dollars lighter in our pockets. If I was a hateful man I'd make all the people complaining about it use a Storm for a month. You'll get your stinkin' live wallpapers when they're ready. Just my 2 cents.
  • I tried to wait.....honestly I tried. But yesterday I broke down. Rooted, did a Nandroid backup of the OEM ROM and installed Bugless Beast v0.9 Live Walpaper looks cool. Pinch to Zoom now on the browser, is OK, I'm just used to tapping, and that still works. Google Voice on the keyboard, now that is a very nice feature. Five homescreens for all my widgets. So far battery use is good, safe to figure Live Wallpaper uses more juice, but that's par for the course. I still have the screen go dark quickly if not in use. The Gallery is pretty cool, dont know if that will be in the official ROM or something that Bugless tossed in. But now I can feed my desire to get additional features on my Droid and I dont have to wait for VZW to get it's head of their arse.
  • See guys? this is why the N1 is much better than the droid... can you imagine every update to android taking this long? Ahhh Feels good to be a N1 owner :D .
    . JK guys just giving the droid owners a hard time ;-) Easy on the flaming =P
  • Do people really still care about this? I have given up on both Google and Verizon. But I do continue to go to the Motorola website and email support every time I encounter a bug. I'm sick and tired of being let down by false promises of updates. That is why this is my last web search (not through Google any more!) for "android 2.1 droid". Stop searching Google, and if you have the Verizon insurance plan, drop your Droid in the toilet and swap it out.