As promised, the Motorola Droid Turbo is available today on Verizon. We've got the phone in-hand right now — be sure to check out our hands-on from the launch event — so expect more in due time. But the broad strokes to be aware of are a 5.2-inch display, massive 3,900 mAh battery with Motorola's Turbo Charger and wireless Qi charging, and all the Motorola bells and whistles we've come to love in its recent phones. Plus it's done in a form factor that's not huge (that's not to say it's not big — it is — or a bit heavy), plus a 21-megapixel camera.

Trust us, folks, if you're on Verizon and looking for a new phone, you're going to want to fondle the Droid Turbo. You've got various design and storage options, and the phone starts at $199 on contract.

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