Motorola Droid Bionic user manual previewed in FCC docs, confirms 4.3-inch qHD display, mentions GSM World Phone capability?

If you're the sort who actually reads user manuals (and we know there are a few of you out there), a draft version of the Motorola Droid Bionic user guide has been publicly revealed by the FCC. Flipping through it, we don't see too much we didn't expect -- note the microHDMI port along with confirmation of a 4.3-inch qHD display.

Curious, though, is the inclusion of a section on the World Phone GSM capabilities. Last time we checked, the Droid Bionic was to be an LTE data smartphone. And while both use SIM cards, we've yet to see a dual LTE/GSM device. And that would be different from the specs Motorola briefly outed and later pulled, and from the FCC's own testing here. And it definitely looks like other pages in this draft guide are borrowed from other devices.

So is it really a CDMA/LTE/GSM smartphone with a dual-core processor and qHD display? We're skeptical at this point. But, damn, that'd be one sweet -- and power-hungry -- device.

Source: FCC; via Droid Bionic Forums

  • The Bionic better look different lol. Slap launcher pro + with some stock widgets and this phone will be a better beast. Can't wait to pick her up :)
  • I will laugh so hard if this phone launches without LTE. What a waste..
  • Clearly if you read anything its launching with lte. Smh
  • hey what happened to you in the forums?
  • Now we have to find some docs relating to the battery.
  • Been hearing both 1750 and 1735 MaH but low confidence at this point. The battery does appear to be quite large in profile however.
  • 1900 battery
  • The congratulations page also lists it as having global roaming. 1GHz, no SD card, qHD.
  • Verizon's LTE network uses both GSM/CDMA they somehow piggyback on each other to accomplish this. So, all LTE phones are GSM which in turn can make all of them world phones. Just wanted to point that out because that sweet phone you mentioned at in the article is already here(HTC Thunderbolt,Droid Charge.
  • No not really the lte is different spectrum and wavelength.
  • Yes, I know that but, their(Verizon) LTE network is hacked together to use both technologies together to create LTE. This is a fact not speculation. Obviously, they are different frequencies. Ask Verizon if you want to know they will explain it to you. I would never comment just to comment or say something that I didn't know to be true even though alot of people would.
  • Verizon uses GSM when on LTE and falls back to CDMA when not in an LTE area. Its not exactly a piggyback (what ever that is). As for roaming on GSM, not possible in the US. They refuse to sign roaming agreements even for their world phones, and won't let you roam to GSM in the US.
  • Try running your phone on LTE only see what happens. You can't because the 2 Techs run off each other to create [Verizon's Version] of LTE. Also, I said it was possible to be a world phone not that it was. Everyone is a critic, My point was when you write an article make sure you know what you are saying. I only commented so false hype didn't get started or hopes people had for this phone didn't get dashed. Also, if you have the know how and the right components anything is possible with a little hacking magic. Live It, Love It, Android-Life.................
  • Sorry but this is incorrect. Ive had the TBolt & Charge both in Italy with no such luck. I inquired before heading over & again after arriving in Naples. LTE may operate on GSM spectrum in some manner but it will not work in Europe. I am however hoping this does work on the Bionic since i go over at least twice a year
  • If this has no SD card I'm not buying it.
  • I may be wrong, but from the fcc pictures posted in the previous article, it looks like there may be a microSD slot behind the battery door above the USB port. It looks just like a slot, but it looks too deep to be a slot for the battery cover tabs and appears to be the right size. If this is the case, that also means hot-swappable! Let's hope, right?
  • It Has an SD Card slot but will not include a SD Card like their past releases Droid 3 & Droid X2 which unlike the Droid 1(16gb),2(8GB),2G(8GB) or the Droid X(8GB) all had SD card included. Moto feels since they gave you more internal memory you should by your own SD card i guess.
  • & The Atrix & the Photon 4G
    Maybe because they know that you still have the old ones lying around
    Plus , you can buy SD cards for almost nothing (i.e. , here in Saudi Arabia : a 4GB Sandisk Micro SDHC* costs a bit over ONE Dollar , 16GB costs 14 Dollars (Class 4)) , SD cards are cheap compared to what they used to be (I bought a 256MB card for 95 Dollars for my Nokia N-Gage) Honestly I'll take a Huge internal storage over an external 32GB SD card in a heartbeat * Sorry I always forget the exact name of the newer SD cards
  • So does this have a pentile screen or not? I am confused if the qHD means that the screens is not pentile.
  • Qhd just means quarter high definition. Not sure if its pentile or not :/..and i thought they took long to release it because they revised it to have a 4.5 inch screen
  • Yes I too am confused can someone explain?
  • I'd like someone to explain that huge finger print. !!??
  • My guess is since it is Bionic it is supposed to be part human...
  • QHD is simply a resolution like VGA (640x480) is. In this case, it is Quarter HD, or half resolution of a 1080p (960x540) which would take four of them to equal the number of pixels in one 1080p HD screen. The screen will almost certainly be pentile. Both D3 and X2 have QHD pentile screens.
  • thanks for the explanation...
  • This phone seems just like the Photon on sprint, except for the difference in design and the TIOMAP instead of Tegra 2 they all have the same capabilities. World phone, dual core, 4G, same ports, webtop connectivity etc. and sprint's came out b4 verizon screwed up big time
  • so this phone sounds EXACTLY like the photon except where it sounds different, in those cases it sounds nothing like the Photon...huh?
  • 4G LTE and 4G WiMax are very different. They use very different frequencies, and LTE is quite a lot faster.
  • One more note that is a new item for Droid phones is the inductive battery charger. Both the internal photos and external photos reveal the inductive coil. Hello wireless charging!
  • Still probably have to buy another cover though :p. Which isn't a big deal, it's the pad that's going to run you some money.
  • It doesn't say anything about front facing camera either...i like the leaks and all but tired of all the false hope lol...when it's out and in my hand I'll be satisfied
  • The other pictures in the previous articles clearly show the front camera. Not sure of the resolution though, but I am guessing VGA.
  • It looks just like the Droid 2 smh don't people on Verizon get tired of all these phones looking just alike??? They should just wait a few months and design a whole new different type of phone and make it more powerful.
  • For what its worth, if this is anything like the Droid 3, it will be a total flop... Ya sure, I was getting 2700 in quadrant, and every spec pointed to a great phone, but it was one of the worst user experiences I have ever had on a phone. It runs like complete crap, super laggy. I dont see how the Bionic will be much different, just a larger screen and no keyboard. On a SIDE NOTE- where can I get the wallpaper in the picture of above of the bionic? That gray background? I want to say I had it on my OG droid gingerbread a while back, just dont know where to get it..
  • 4g bro! that's the major difference between the bionic and the droid 3..and that should fix the lag problem
  • also ram
  • Look for the DROID 2 dump\Wallpapers & you will find it
  • I played with a D3 at VzW for almost an hour and found no lag at all. Might be different if it's loaded with apps...
  • From page 1 of the owner's manual.... "Surf the web with a blistering fast 1 GHz dual-core
    processor. 4G LTE connectivity gives you download
    speeds up to 10x faster than before.
    • Use your smartphone in over 200 countries.
    International roaming lets you make calls and stay in
    touch wherever you travel."
  • Only caution is that the manual is dated 3/29.
  • Can they meaning verizon FIX the 350>00 price it will be on contract?????....OTHERWISE FORGET THIS.......Photon 4g handles this devices as well as the EVO 3D..
  • a while back it was shown that it was 299.99 on contract...
  • I am wondering if the wallpaper is hinting at the fingerprint reader like the Atrix.
  • The pictures don't appear to show a fingerprint reader anywhere on it...
  • Does not mention an inductive back battery cover but it apparently has one of those on the back.
  • It is optional. Will probably cost another $30-40. The curved back is the stock cover and the flat back is the inductive battery cover.
  • I was all about this until I heard it was pentile screen. Rusts a deal breaker for me.
  • if you dig a little on the FCC site and read the cover letter you'll see an interesting note all the way at the end... "The WCDMA/GSM network functions have been disabled by the firmware and are SIM locked by all US operators on this product." ... "Note: This device also contains functions that are not operational in the US territories. This filing is only applicable for US operations." ...the possibility of GSM capability are a little higher in my book after reading their wording BOOM
  • Wouldn't that also mean it would have to run back through FCC radio testing in order for Moto to sell it as a GSM-capable phone, since the FCC implicitly states they did not test the WCDMA/GSM network function? I would not hold my breath, Occam's razor sez the manual is a kludge.
  • Is it just me or is this the Droid X3? Sure looks and sounds like it. I'm thinking go with a proven winner format and juice up the specs.
  • And how is that a bad thing if it is? 4G LTE by itself is a worthy upgrade. But some extra RAM (and I think different CPU if I'm not mistaken) are nice too. And the inclusion of being able to use webtop even if no one uses it, it's nice to say that you could.
  • So where is the link to the whole user manual not just the cover/appendix page??
  • Bionic Release date is shown as 9/8/11 on a leaked motorola document.